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    Hi folks,

    Am I correct with my assumptions:-

    1. You have 7 distinct areas of brass bands, Midlands, North West etc etc

    2. Each of these areas hold their own competition for the bands in each of the 5 divisions, Championship, Section 1, etc etc

    3. The winner and runner up (and sometimes also the 3rd placed band) goes to Harrogate for a 'national' contest. In the place of the Championship division, they contest at the Royal Albert Hall.

    4. The winner of the championship division represents the UK in the European contest.

    OK, thats all of my assumptions/questions. Please correct where you need to.

    Now.......Does the top 2 or 3 bands automatically go up to the next division and the bottom few go the other way???

    What if a band does not want to go up or down??? Do they have to???

    Thanks in anticipation - hooroo
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  2. WhatSharp?

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    Your almost correct.

    The number of bands a region sends to the finals depends upon the number of competing bands ( I can't remember the exact number ).

    Number of bands promoted / relegated depends on the number of bands in the section.

    Bands going up or down can appeal ( a vary subjective and in my view controversial topic ).

    Hope this helps.
  3. brassneck

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    Not quite ... winners of the Scottish and Welsh areas represent their country and for England, the winners of the English Championships (which is a separate competition).
  4. Ipswich trom

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    No, the promotion/relegation issues are decided by taking an aggregate points tally over 3 years. The bottom two or more if other bands have the same points tally go up or down.
  5. johnmartin

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    There are eight regions for the purposes of the National Championships. Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire, Midlands, North of England, North West, London & Southern Counties and West of England.
    No. As in football the home nations are counted as individual entities by EBBA. Therefore Scotland, England and Wales all have equal representation at the European Championships.

    A band can decline a promotion subject to certain rules. A band must accept relegation unless they successfully appeal against it. Succesfull appeals against relegation are rare.
  6. Gorgie boy

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    In Scotland, promotion is gained by coming first or second in your section on the day. Only relegation is decided by an aggregate of 3 years.
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    Not that it's very likely, but what is a band comes 1st or 2nd in the section on the day, but the 2 previous results were so bad that they'd also aggregate in the relegation places?!
  8. Gorgie boy

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    Don't know - I didn't make the rules!
  9. FlugelD

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    1st and 2nd are promoted, then the relegation issues are worked out
  10. Di B

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    I believe all areas have at least 2 qualify.
    In England if there are 24 bands (I think) or more in a section then 4 qualify for the finals. To get 3 qualifying you need around 15-18 bands competing (not sure where the cutoff is). I can't remember if 5 bands qualify if over 30 bands compete, but it would make sense (fortunatly, this doesn't happen often nowadays!)

    As people have mentioned, Scottish rules are slightly different regarding promotion/relegation to England.

    In England all promotion/relegation is based on a 3 years worth of results. If a band has been promoted/relegated to that section in the last 3 years they receive average marks for each year they weren't in that section - so come into the section in the middle for their first contest.
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    No, please.... don't relegate us to England! :eek: