The tMP Christmas Quiz - 2006

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    The tMP Christmas Quiz

    The team have, as always, been working hard behind the scenes and have produced for you the tMP Christmas Quiz.

    The list of prizes - to be split and distributed according the number of entries -
    (any further contributions gratefully accepted, if you wish to donate a prize, please contact a member of the team)
    - is still growing and currently consists of:

    £50 worth of music from the "Thornes Music" catalogue
    (Donated by Roger Thorne)
    £25 cash prize
    (Donated by The Brass Crest)
    tMP Polo Shirt (complete with embroidered logo and username)
    (Donated by Di)
    "Now That's What I Call Brass - Volume 4" CD
    (Donated by World of Brass)
    5 x "Crusade" CD - BB Waldsang with guest soloist Brett Baker
    (Donated by Lake Music Productions)
    3 x 1 set of music from Lake Music Productions
    (Donated by Lake Music Productions)
    A Gig "stitched" cornet case in a "Student" or "Advanced"
    (Donated by Gig Ltd)

    Annual Subscription to The Brass Herald
    (Donated by Philip Biggs)
    Llechan Las CD - Seindorf Arian Deiniolen Silver Band
    (Donated by Dylan Williams)
    2 x Beyond the Box (by David Read) and
    1 x 101 Things to do with Hymn Tunes (by Russell Gray for Brass Band) and
    1 x £35 voucher to purchase anything from JAGRINS
    (donated by Gavin Pritchard of Jagrins Music Publications)

    Any two pieces of choice from TP MUSIC
    (Donated by Timbone)
    BBA Polo Shirt, BBA CD, BBA Pin Badge
    (Donated by Bob Thompson, BBA)

    The closing date will be mid-day on 1st January 2007
    and the results will be announced mid-day on 2nd January 2007

    Please send your answers BY PM to Di who will carefully mark all your submissions. ;)
    The member with the highest number of correct answers will, of course win.
    In the event of a tie, the tie breaker question will be brought in to decide the winner.

    One entry per member will be accepted. Please check your entry is complete before posting as subsequent PMs will not be accepted.
    If you require confirmation your entry has been received request a "read receipt" before submitting your PM.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas ;)


    1. Which MD was awarded the title “South Australian Bands Association Musical Director of the Year for 2006.”?

    2. Name this composer from the cryptic clue:
    Ginger composer?
    3. Solve this clue and find the band name:
    Trekky Captain uses key after the register.
    4. Whose is this tMP Avatar?

    5. How many sides does a snow flake have?

    6. Name the banding personality from this cryptic clue :

    Tuba player all a-quiver?
    7. Members of which band "bared it all" for Breast Cancer?

    8. In the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" how do you know that a new angel has received his wings?

    9. Name this banding personality.

    10. Model trains are very popular at Christmas. What is the length of the worlds longest model train?

    11. Name the player from this cryptic clue:
    TV guide for the brass player?
    12. Who was the original presenter of Listen to the Band and in which year was it first broadcast?

    13. Name this band from the cryptic clue:

    The enemy's hideouts?
    14. Who was the first band to win the NABBA Championships?

    15. In which move did this character star?

    16. Name this banding personality from the cryptic clue :
    Ale for the euphoniumist?
    17. Name this banding personality from the cryptic clue:
    A seasonal trumpeter?
    18. Which space craft went missing on Christmas day?

    19. Name the band from the cryptic clue:

    Pinch the parrot?
    20. In Alice In Wonderland, what is the only thing that is left of the Cheshire cat?


    22. In which year were Christmas lights first used?

    23. Cryptic clue time again:

    Plenty of bread for this brass-playing family?
    24. Name this player from the cryptic clue:
    Cornet-playing lawman?
    25. Aled Jones sang the theme song in the recent re-released version of the animated classic "The Snowman" but who features as the vocals in the original 1982 movie?

    26. Whose is this tMP avatar:

    27. Name this band from the cryptic clue:
    Step keenly
    28. What was the first piece specifically composed as a test piece and who was the composer?

    29. Name this banding personality:

    30. Who played the Grinch in the 2000 Move, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

    31. Hubble bubble, toil and trouble is the opening line to which Shakespear play?

    32. Cryptic clue. Name this banding personality :

    Holder of the conducting crown?
    33. Who invented the Christmas cracker?

    34. Name the band from this clue:
    Bowlers green
    35. Name this Christmas title:

    36. Name this musical personality from the cryptic clue:

    Trombonist in the sunshine?
    37. The German religious reformer Martin Luther (1483-1546) is often credited withstarting a common Christmas custom, but the first appearance of a Tannenbaum was recorded in Germany many years after Luther's death. It was in 1605 in Strasbourg. What is a Tannenbaum?

    38. Whose is this tMP avatar?

    39. In the movie 'Miracle on 34th Street', Kris Kringle is hired to play Santa Claus in what large department store?

    40. Name this banding personality:

    41. Name this player from the cryptic clue:
    Cleverest of all horn players?
    42. Whose is this tMP avatar?

    43. How many gifts would you receive if you received all the gifts in the song ‘12 days of Christmas’?

    44. Who was the recipient of the Mortimer Medal for services to the teaching of young people in the brass band movement in 2006?

    45. Why do we shorten Christmas to Xmas?

    46. Name this player from the cryptic clue:

    Roving baritone player?
    47. What country did poinsettias originally come from?
    48 The film "The Snowman" is based around the book written by Raymond Briggs. For what recent BBC children’s program is Mr. Briggs the writer?

    49. Which U. S. President insisted on putting lit candles on the White House Christmas tree, even though it was a fire hazard?

    50. Solve this puzzle to reveal the banding personality.

    ( Be warned : This is a little like the solitaire games - ie, not every puzzle combination is solvable. If at first you don't succeed, try try again. ;) )

    And the tie-breaker question:
    How many "hits" will/did tMP receive on New Years Eve?

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  2. Di

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    Following a query on question 50, the puzzle today, perhaps I'd better clarify.

    When the puzzle is solved, the mosaic masking will clear and a photograph of the person will behind it will show.
  3. Di

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    It has been brought to my attention that for some, the puzzle (question number 50) does not work correctly, ie, when correctly completed, the mosaic will not clear to reveal the personality beneath. This being the case, I feel it fairest to all those who wish to enter to withdraw this question from the quiz.
  4. Will the Sec

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    Damn. The only one I had right...
  5. Brassy Lady

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    Uncanningly enough, me too!!:icon_lol:
  6. Di

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    Sorry folks. I tried and tested it several times, and have done so again today with no problems. We're flumoxed as to why this is happening for some only, but as it is, I'm afraid I can't let it stand as a valid question. :(
  7. Di

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    Just a few hours to go to get your entries in, so come on, get those thinking caps on and send your answers, by PM, to me before 12 noon tomorrow. :biggrin:
  8. Di

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    Here we go then ladies and gentlemen.

    Third Prize
    CD "Crusade" - BB De Waldsang with guest soloist Brett Baker
    BBA CD
    Set of music for BB from Lake Music catalogue 2006/2007
    Any piece of your choice from TP MUSIC"
    BBA pin badge

    Goes to
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  9. Di

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    Second Prize
    CD "Crusade" - BB De Waldsang with guest soloist Brett Baker
    Latest Deiniolen CD
    Set of music for BB from Lake Music catalogue 2006/2007
    Any piece of your choice from TP MUSIC
    Beyond the Box (by David Read)
    BBA polo shirt

    goes to
  10. Di

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    First Prize
    £50 worth of Music from Thornes Music catalogue
    Gig Bags UK: a Sttitched Cornet case in a student or advanced colour
    Set of music for BB from Lake Music catalogue 2006/2007
    £35 voucher to purchase anything from JAGRINS
    £25 cash
    Annual Subscription to the Brass Herald
    CD "Crusade" - BB De Waldsang with guest soloist Brett Baker
    DVD Now That's What I Call Brass Volume 4
    Beyond the Box (by David Read)
    101 Things to do with Hymn Tunes (by Russell Gray for Brass Band)
    tMP Polo shirt.

    The tMP 2006 Christmas Quiz
    was won by

  11. Di

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    A big well done to prize winners and a big thank you for those who entered.

    If the prizewinners would please PM with their contact details, we will arrange for the prizes to be forwarded to you.
  12. DaveR

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    Gosh! :oops: Thank you! :biggrin:
  13. GingerMaestro

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    Well Done Dave, John and Oli

    Any chance of the answers so we can see where we went wrong:tup
  14. Baritonedeaf

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    Blooming heck! First Reach for the Stars and now this!

    I think i may have to have a lie down!

  15. gawber

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    Quick......................apply to go on Deal Or No Deal while your lucks in!!

    Well Done! :clap:
  16. TheMusicMan

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    Martin - does this imply you submitted an entry?? ? :confused: nothing received this end!
  17. GingerMaestro

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    No I missed the deadline just thought it would be nice to know the answers
  18. Di

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    OK, to put you all out of your misery, here is the list of answers.

    1. Geoff Meikle
    2. Robert Redhead
    3. Kirkentilloch
    4. Gawber
    5. 6
    6. John Fletcher/Brian Bowman
    7. Hatherleigh Silver Band
    8. A bell rings
    9. Chris Wormald
    10. 103.59 m (339 ft 10 in)
    11. James Watson
    12. Charlie Chester and 1978
    13. Fodens
    14. Smoky Mt
    15. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    16. Steven Mead
    17. Martin Winter
    18. Beagle 2
    19. PolySteel
    20. Its smile
    21. Question deleted.
    22. 1882
    23. The Cobb Family/The Baker Family
    24. Richard Marshall
    25. Peter Auty
    26. Sugar and Spice
    27. Tredegar
    28. Labour and Love, Percy E Fletcher
    29. Alan Lawton
    30. Jim Carrey
    31. McBeth
    32. David King
    33. Tom Smith
    34. Hatfield
    35. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence
    36. Dudley Bright
    37. A christmas tree
    38. Harold Wells
    39. Macy's
    40. Steven Mead
    41. Dennis Brain
    42. Darth Tuba
    43. 364
    44. Paul Cosh
    45. Because X is the first letter in the Greek word for Christ
    46. Rob Blackburn
    47. Mexico
    48. Fungus the Bogeyman
    49. Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    50. Nick Childs
  19. Wow, thanks guys. First thing I've won all year!

    Now I can listen to Brett Baker whenever I like :)
  20. dyl

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    Errrm, don't you mean the Deiniolen CD? ;)

    (In the post tomorrow btw)