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    We've had the "banders story", the "person before", the "tune association" and "poetry" in the form of keeping the rhyme going.

    But it struck me, that we've not started to use our collective musical knowledge and understanding... we are all (or mainly) musicians.

    So here goes....................

    The TEN rules are quite simple (I hope). But please read them before posting.

    1. In your thread you may post a string of up to FOUR notes/rests on upto FOUR instruments or FOUR groups of instruments (each group in unison - eg trombs, front row, or full band), with the following common notation:

    ABCDEFG - the notes should be the note name as played on that instrument and written as a CAPITAL letter followed by a number for the octave they are in, 1 being the lowest normal octave A-A on the instrument assuming no 4th valve, 0 for instruments with a 4th valve/trombs with Bb/F trigger or for notes below the bottom A, and minus numbers for lower octaves if applicable (e.g. bass tromb). for tuned percussion C0 is middle C at concert (orchestral) pitch.

    # - sharp
    b - flat
    n - naturalised
    R - rest

    bv - breve
    sb - semibreve
    mi - minim
    cr - crotchet
    qu - quaver
    sq - semi-quaver
    dq - demi-semi-quaver
    hq - hemi-demi-semi-quaver

    for dotted or double dotted notes simply put a dot or two - mi. or cr..

    triplets or quadruplets should be written with a 3 or 4 infront of the note length, quintuplets or more are not allowed as only 4 notes can be written for each instrument.

    2. the instrumentation is standard brass band - i.e 4 x solo cornet, 1 x sop, 1 x rep, 2 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd, 1 x flugel; 1 each of solo, 1st and 2nd horn; 2 x euph, 2 x bari; 1 each of 1st, 2nd and bass tromb; 2 each of EEb and BBb basses; whatever percussion you are likely to find in a band room (see note 10).

    3. you can either start your notes inline with the start or end of the previous post, at the next full beat after the previous post, or after the closest preivious note by any of your chosen instruments.

    4. you can include up to THREE of the following options, this can include three of the same option, they can either apply to all four instruments or one instrument individually:

    a tempo marking (rall, rit, meno mosso etc.)
    a dynamic marking (pp, ff, cresc, etc)
    an effect (muted, stand up, blow air through, click, clap, speak etc)
    a worded expression marking (pesante, morendo etc.)
    a notated expression marking (staccato, accent, tenuto etc.)
    a break, comma, tramlines or pause

    5. you cannot overwrite someone else's part.

    6. you can use your thread to change time, or key signature, put in a general pause, but I will only allow one change of either per page of thread.

    7. any posts that don't comply with the rules will be ignored.

    8. you cannot post again until at least TWO people have submitted a post inbetween

    9. you should at least attempt to make it sound good, although copying existing music is not allowed, any suspected attempts will be ignored.

    10. I will attempt, occasionally to input this lot into sibelius, and print it out 1 week before pontins, for the tMP to rehearse at least once (if Roger lets us), therefore percussion needs to be limited to whatever is likely to be there.

    I dare you to give it a go. Have fun! :twisted:


    Title: tMP - Web of confusion
    Composer/arranger: All of tMP
    Time signature: 4/4
    Key signature: Concert (orchestral) Bb Major - Bb instruments - no sharps/flats; Eb instruments - 1 sharp; C instruments - 2 flats


    Your post should be set out as follows [bracketed words do not need to be included], my example below will start the whole piece off:


    Start point: start of previous post

    Instrument 1: Horns and up in unison notes as Bb inst
    Note name 1 & duration: C2# cr. ff dim
    Note name 2 & duration: D2 qu
    Note name 3 & duration: E2b qu
    Note name 4 & duration: C2n cr. molto cresc

    Instrument 2: Baritones and down in unison, notes as Bb inst
    Note name 1 & duration: D1 cr ff dim
    Note name 2 & duration: B1b cr
    Note name 3 & duration: G1 cr
    Note name 4 & duration: C1n cr molto cresc

    Instrument 3: Percussion
    Note name 1 & duration: R mi.
    Note name 2 & duration: roll on anything cr molto cresc

    Note 4 general effect [applied to all instruments]: Pause on last note
    Special instruction [general pause, key signature change etc.]: Tempo Marking - Pesante cr=60
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    ^ what he said!
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    Waaaaaaay to complicated for this little brain :shock:

    Besides we already have a tMP anthem, it's HERE
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    Not Quite Sure I understand this so I'll take it easy at first

    1 trombone F2 sb sfzp crescendo fff, cr 3cr rests
    baritones F1/A1 sb sfzp crescendo, cr 3cr rests
    2 trombone C1 sb sfzp crescendo, cr 3cr rests
    bass trombone F0 sb sfzp crescendo, cr 3cr rests

    (my English is a bit bad so if I errored I apoligize, sb is 4 beats in 4/4 right?)
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    Nope i think it makes sense, i'll add it to the score.
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    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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    I want me mum!!! Waaaah!!!!! ;-)
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    will the piece be put onto the net or sibelius so we can hear it when its done?
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    (To the last strains of Guide me, O thou great redeemer)

    'You're McFadyen, You're McFadyen
    You're McFadyen in disguiiiiise
    You're McFadyen in disguise' ;-) :lol: (Just joshin' Tim!)
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    MY GOD!!! :shock:

    But so cool if this comes off. I can't even hope to contribute to this but it will be one hell of an achievment if this works!!!

    Fantastic Idea!
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    Yeah, the idea was there... perhaps in the planning stage i forgot that this'd be damn complicated.

    Erm anyone got any suggestions on how i could make this work? Perhaps just...........

    Everyone write a bar of music, and we'll put it all together and see what happens?

    does that sound easier?
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    much easier.... i think the majority will actually understand wot ur on about now!!!
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    Hecky thump Tim that's why we've not seen you for ages. I think you need to get out more. By the way last Saturday that was cancelled but we went anyway is back on for this Saturday. Unless of course it gets cancelled again but so what we'll still be there. Swim Inn 7.30 onwards.