The three tromboneers

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    Hi I'm looking for a set of parts for the trombone trio " The Three Tromboneers"(A.McFarlane). I have moved areas, from the Notts area to the East of England and have lost a lot of contacts. No bands in this area have heard of it. It would be ideal for my new band "Wrentham Band" a pure concert band, nice change. If it is impossible to buy would it be illegal to copy? I don't know. Any advice appreciated.Thanks in anticipation. Chris
  2. P_S_Price

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    I think it is Illegal to copy it, even if it out of print, without the copyright owners permission.

    Some (SP&S for example) will allow authorised copies on payment of a fee.
  3. chrisholystone

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    Three Tromboneers

    Anyone know the copyright owners?
  4. Andrew Norman

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    I think we have a set which we are unlikely to use.
    I'll check with the librarian if it's complete and if the band is willing to sell it.
  5. chrisholystone

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    That sounds good let me know and i'll see what i can do.
  6. chrisholystone

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    Thanks Andy found a set locally.

    Again thanks for the effort.