The St Helens March & Hymn Contest is changing its date

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Mike Rowley, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Mike Rowley

    Mike Rowley Member

    The popular St. Helens March & Hymn Contest, normally held in June each year has been, due to Council commitments, moved to Saturday the 18th September next year.

    The prize money now on offer is a very impressive £5,700 for the 5 senior sections and 1 youth section that will take pace.

    More information

    For more infoprmation and entry details please contact Derek Atkinson on 01744755463 or Email
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  3. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    I take it that you are aware that that is the weekend before the Lower Section National Finals?
  4. Mike Rowley

    Mike Rowley Member

    Thanks Dave,
    I am aware that it is the week before the lower section National Finals, but I am not involved in selecting the date, and was merely asked to post the info to this site by Derek Atkinson.
    I suggest that if anyone has any views or comments for the organisers, they contact Derek Atkinson direct (as directed in the original post above) at
    I gather that Derek does not subscribe to this site, and so any posts directed towards him or the St. Helens March & Hymn Contest organisers would not be seen.
  5. Frontman

    Frontman Member

    In error my friend

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