The Sound of Brass - 6 Set LP Box Set. PYE - GBRA-6A

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    For Sale:

    The Sound of Brass - 6 Set LP Box Set. PYE - GBRA-6A.

    1.Overtures In Brass

    2.Solos in Brass

    3.Brass is Fun

    4.Reet Champion

    5.Brass on Sunday

    6.Brass Showpieces

    Featuring some of the world's top brass bands & soloists including Black Dyke Mills, Wingates, Grimethorpe, Carlton Main, Desford, Hammonds, Fodens, NYBB....

    The LP's look in mint condition and may have never been played. I have had them for over 15 years but never played them! Some great pieces on this collection, including a legendary cornet quartet of James Shepherd, Fred Ellis, David Pogson, J Brooke & Black Dyke with Roy Newsome & Geoffrey Brand. Worth purchasing for this alone!

    £10 plus £5 postage.

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