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Discussion in 'Spring Festival Blackpool' started by TheMusicMan, May 13, 2006.

  1. aqua76

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    It's a shame, i just wonder what the remarks were like for the bands a bit further down!!

    Anyway, i suppose all the adjudicators have their own criteria, and areas for commenting on. It is nice to get constructive criticism so the band can go away and improve these areas, rather than remarks such as 'this p was mp....'

    All over for another year, must say it was great to be spectating and adjudicating the cider rather than playing....woo hoo!!!
  2. Considering how difficult a year we had in 2005, we were pleased with our performance. Plenty to build on now that weve got a settled team again. Just a few clips, but Harmony Music is a real test for any band.

    Thanks to Blackpool brass and Dave Hall for use of their bandroom for our rehearsal.

    Enjoyed the day, the atmosphere was great, the football went down well in the Theatre Bar (even those who dont like football seemed to enjoy the match!!), and a good evening in the curry house to boot.

    A great weekends banding! Well done to those who were promoted.

    Innovate Skelmanthorpe
  3. BOB

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    Just by chance, I heared Dalmelington playing Harmony Music on Saturday. Must say it was a very impressive performance. Solists were excellent, tempos spot on, and a fantasic trombone section. Didn't hear anyone else - but the bands above Dalmellington must have been exceptional.

    Thoresby Colliery
  4. Roger Thorne

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    Interesting comments here, but isn't this a typical scenerio of the adjudicating system? We are so often led to believe that both adjudicators have agreed a set criteria to work from? but the above comments, in my opinion, still seem to suggest otherwise! I do hope that in time we can persuade these adjudicators to make comments in public about there actions. We're not after blood, we just want an honest opinion from ordinary guys who unfortunately are members of an organisation that seem very reluctant to reveal the time of day, let alone their opinions on the criteria of adjudication.

  5. cornetblower

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    The same! Very positive from Mr Mead but Mr Renton unimpressed.
  6. Ste69

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    I must say, it was also nice to hear Steven Mead give such a nice upbeat (and funny) summary before the results - a welcome departure from the usual "For God's sake, get on with it" type thing
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    Are there going to be any retrospectives on 4bars?
  8. 928gscornetman

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    Our comments for Newstead were also less praising from Frank Renton but full of adulation from steven Mead !! - I suppose thats the two diferent styles for you !!
  9. brassneck

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    So, are both sets of comments complimenting each other with respect to performance? Were both accurate in the feedback they gave?
  10. DLogan

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    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I didn't hear any of the bands above us either but we were well pleased with 5th - although 4th would have been nice!
  11. Chris Hicks

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    Could i ask what curry house did you go to!? Ours was soo good that we went to the effort to refuse to pay!!:tongue:
  12. bassbone

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    As a medically recognised curry dependant I have suffered badly due to the lack of a single decent curry house in Blackpool. (4 years - still looking)

    If anyone knows of one please don't keep it a secret.
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    Greetings from a New South Welshman. It was an absolute pleasure to play with BTM in the cup. The band worked very hard in a disciplined manner during their preparation and are pleased to be going up to the shield. The comments on 4BR were appreciated and well-received by the band. Thank you for listening!
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    are there going to be any retrospectives on fourbars?
  15. dyl

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    Errrm - I think you're a bit out of date here! This thread is for the 2006 Senior Cup............. :rolleyes:

    Besides if you're after some 4barsrest stuff, why not try looking on - whatever you're looking for might be on there? ;)

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