The real Brassed Off !!!???

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    I`m looking for the movie The real Brassed Off. DVD???As far as I know it was broadcast on the BBC television. The movie with Desford was also filmed in holland and I joined Desford during this tour. I`ve never seen the movie, so who can help me?

    Many thnx

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    sorry if this seems a stupid question, but I thought the band from 'Brassed off' were Grimley (Grimethorpe) colliery?

    Have there been two 'Brassed off' films made? Perhaps a sequel? or as a newcomer to brass bands have I missed something?



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    The real brassed off was 6 x 30minute fly on the wall documentary programmes following Desford band. It was a Hotbed Media production for ITV1.

    Try the distribution company.

    25/27 Shaftesbury Ave,
    London W1D 7EQ
    T + 44 207 220 2400
    F + 44 207 220 2401
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    I have the CD of this - which includes some rivetting studio outtakes. lol
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    My Father sent this out to me on VHS tape that he did off the TV.
    I have since transfered it to DVD and have done it as 2 DVD's with 3 episodes on each.
    Quality ok but not full DVD quality
    good enough to watch.

    I know CD is available from World of Brass. I bought a copy after watching the programmes.
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    real brassed off

    This also included the 'B' band, Snibston and Desford. My brother Matt and I were in the band at the time and one programme showed us competing at the WMBBA contest, 2nd section, hoping to win first prize to receive our dad's trophy. Sadly, it was not to be.
    The Mineworkers' contest in Blackpool was also featured.
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    It would be nice to see this series re-run on one of the channels, as I am sure that an audience exists for a brass band centred programme. Wasn't there a series in the 70s or 80s that was based on the lives of fictional brass players/bands? Does the 'Shillingbury Blowers' mean anything to anyone?:tup
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    Was that a series or just a one off.I remember watching once but don't remember it being a series.
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    There was the Shillingsbury Blowers and also SOunding Brass which was a 6 part series based on a book by Don Owen (I think). Both were televised in 1980. Interestingly enough this was about the time when brass would have been popular on the TV with the BBC best of brass and the Granada band of the year contests. Peter Skellern often used Grimethorpe in his TV programmes in the 80's as well.

    Brass on the TV is pretty poor these days , the "Brassed Off" movie sparked a very small renaissance indeed. Primarily focussed around Desford's documentary "the Real Brassed Off" done in a fly on the wall style with interviews. As for Band's used in entertainment on the TV, Lesley Garrett had Grimethorpe in her series a few years ago. But since then, very little indeed.

    The sign of the times for me, was when I rang the BBC archive department to enquire where I could get videos or DVD of the Best of Brass programmes. They rang back saying they had never heard of it, and could not find any record of it at all. The only national output in media terms is Frank Renton's programme on Radio 2. 30 minutes out of 10080 availble airtime minutes per week. A third of a percent. Assuming they base the airtime upon the target audience, ie brass banding afficianados, means we are targeting an audience of 180000, based upon 0.3% of 60million. Is that representative of the movement do we think.

    The documentary was great fun and like Matt and Mark Smith, I had a small cameo in it, as I depped with Desford on their Xmas concert. Great fun. We could do with more like it.
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    perhaps we should get ourselves agents Richard? Mark.:D