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    The Ransome Band has announced it is to cease contesting with immediate effect in a landmark decision designed to develop and stabilise the band whilst maintaining the enjoyment of making music without the adverse pressures of contesting.

    Recent months has seen the band pressurised into finding players for the Regional Championships and with the knowledge of there being a lack of young players in the surrounding area, combined with the band’s awkward geographical placement, the decision was taken to withdraw from the forthcoming contests and concentrate on other projects such as themed concerts, Bavarian evenings and overseas tours.

    Far from being the demise of the band, Ransome is making a pro-active pledge to develop the strength of brass performance in the Newark region with the formation of a youth band. This, combined with another youth band being set up close by should secure the future of Ransome and other local bands for many years to come.

    At a time when many bands are struggling with the current climate of player shortages, the Ransome Band’s decision to step aside from contesting for the near future and concentrate on maintaining its excellent series of concerts both home and abroad has been hailed by the players as a positive move. With an intention to move location closer to the M1 and reducing rehearsals to once a week, it is hoped that many brass players and percussionists will come on board with the band’s new ethos of concentrating on music and enjoyment.

    The new style band has already secured several bookings for engagements both for the full band and the Ransomeburgers; the band’s all new Bavarian Group!

    Anyone interested in being involved with the band should contact Musical Director Simon Kerwin on 01623 427756 or e-mail
  2. David Mann

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    :clap: A brave decision, I wish you much success!
  3. Hornted

    Hornted Member

    Have to say concentrating on bringing Youth into organisation is the only way forward - we at Newstead are well aware of what benefits and rewards we have seen at our own organisation, so wish you every success.

  4. cherrybassett

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    Good luck. You have an excellent conductor in the middle and some very talented players in the band. Wishing you all the success in going forward. Any time you want help dont hesitate to ring.

    Hopkins Blidworth
  5. batonwaggler

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    If any one fancies contesting still, dont hesitate to pm or call me 07970482928, opportunities are open. Band based in Northampton 3rd section,
  6. 3rdcornetsolo

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    A very bold and brave decision and I truly hope it works.

    Ransome is still a great name in banding and, while it will be a name greatly missed in competition, if this initiative secures the future of the band i guess it is worth while.

    I wish you all the very best for the future
  7. brassed_off

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    Fingers crossed your brave descision works, hope it works.
  8. zorro999

    zorro999 New Member

    I hope that everything works out well. Ransomes band has a very good reputation in this area and I believe there is a family connection according to my dad who tells me my grandfather may have conducted the band many years ago ( and I'm 50+).
    All the best - Terry
  9. brassbandmaestro

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    God luck Ransome. Very brave. We've done the same, not been to bad, except we could do with a few more players. The trouble is, the younger ones going to uni, etc.
  10. pleasleywelfareband

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    Good Luck to you all we know what its like to build a band up.

    Hope you back contesting quicker than us (10 years).albeit short of a few players

    I remember listening to Ransomes as I grew up and have a fantastic CD with some brilliant music on.

    All the best for the future.:clap:

    Pleasley Colliery Welfare Band

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