The Pontin's Youth Brass Band Championships 2006

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  1. Hi..
    Just wondered if anyone else than me are going there???
    I'm going with Sveio Skulekorps ( Norway). We're going to play a lot of great music, and I'm really looking forward to it..:)
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    I think there will be, would be very surprised if you had the place to yourself!!! Only joking!

    This year it clashes with Wychavon, last year it clashed with Rhyl Festival Of Brass (which had to be cancelled because of the clash, and sadly won't be taking place this year either).

    Can't Pontins look at the Brass Band Movement's diary before setting a date. Two clashes in two years with Entertainment Contests, could make it difficult for young players who may be forced to choose between their Youth Band and their Main Band.
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    Bit of a dilemma for us. I would like to be able to go, but as it is the weekend before the National Finals in Harrogate, i don't know what to do :confused:

    We have about 6 players(not including myself as conductor) who are involved with both our Senior band and Youth band, and if either band is going to be successful, then our focus needs to be on the one event. Having a meeting some time next week to discuss this. Would be disappointed not to go, especially as we won Section B last year, but also want to do well with the seniors!!
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    Was lucky enouth to win it last year Im to old this year has great potential to be a good contest they just need to get a settled date ect, also the atmosphere was so odd compared to the 'reel' pontins maby they could join it all together some how?
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    I don't know whether we're going or not...I'll have to find out...