The Pondashers

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  1. Adamskied

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    Please help...does anyone know if the March The Pondashers has been published, we can see on Essential Dyke IV that it is copyright to EMI publishing, but have checked and does not come up under any searches.

    And just a quick note....does anyone know the true spelling of the composer of the said march as on the Dyke cd it has Willcox on the back, and in the notes its spelt Willcocks, and then on 4barsrest review its spelt Wilcocks....:clap:

    Any help would be much appreceiated.

    Thanks Adam
  2. DaveR

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    I think this march is exclusive to Black Dyke Band......
  3. ian perks

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    Contact Black Dyke Mills Band they might help you out on this
  4. brassneck

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    - according to the sleevenotes of Dyke's 'The Essence Of Time' CD, the march is only in manuscript form (... oh, and his name is George Willcocks).