The Plantagenets - Edward Gregson

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  1. MoominDave

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    Is this piece intended to portray anything specific?
  2. I can't remember exactly but it has some very interesting program notes...
  3. Lauradoll

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    From what I can remember it's meant to portray the Judges of an ancient court of Plantagenet. I've got the programme notes at home from my brass band history lectures when I was a student, it no other BOC posts them 1st, I'll do it when I get home!

    Great piece!
  4. aimee_euph

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    it's about kings & queens or something?
  5. BassBlaster

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    I always thought it was about the planets when I was lical :oops: .
    But when I growed up I found it was all about those famous plantagents.
  6. Boneman

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    The Plantagenets were the royal family who ruled over the country for about 350 years from a bout 1150 onwards.
    The first Plantagent king was Henry II (my faviourite monarch) and many great kings were from the plantagent family including,
    Richard I (Richard the Lionheart)
    Edward I (Edward Longshanks)
    Edward III
    Edward the Black Prince (our first Prince of Wales)

    Out of interest another famous Plantagent that banders may have heard of was John O'Gaunt.

    In the main they were a fierce bunch, who enjoyed fighting the French and the Scots and seemed to be constantly at war! However they introduced and developed many benefits for this country including the legal system, schools, development of Parliment, orders of chivalry to name but a few!

    The name plantagent comes from their ancestors wearing a blooming flower (Planta Genista). During their own time they were not refered to as the Plantagenets, this came later in history.
  7. eckyboy

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    I'm embaressed to admit I hav'nt a clue what its about as I continually harp on about it being my all time favourite :oops:
    Best test piece ever written in my humble opinion.
  8. Lauradoll

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    Quoted from the programme notes from "Gregson Vol 2"

    "The Plantagenets tries to portray the mood and feelings of an age- that of the House of Plantagenet, which lasted from the middle of the 12th century to the end of the 14th century. To many it conjures up an Age of Chivalry and this is is represented by fanfare motifs, which occur throughout the work in varied form."

  9. AJSOP

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    not quite sure but we will be working on it soon for bugle contest. great piece!
  10. IcklePablo

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    When i played this, i thought the 'Planagenets' were a bunch of knights?? :? i think anyway :?
  11. drummergurl

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    deffo a BOC there, its disgraceful, anywayz my mum said it was summat to do wiv kings n queens or summat along the lines of that, i wasnt actually listenin much when she was saying about it.
  12. iggmeister

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    Strange ending for Solo Cornets- one of the only test pieces where the whole front row are sat for the last couple of bars with cornets on laps, (unless you want to put in some pedal C's!).

  13. I havent got a clue :D But I have a story about it... I played bumper up on plantagenets when I was 13, and when we reached the end, I passed out on stage after playing the high notes!!! (*thinks as hard as she can.... at least I think they were high?! :? *) And the principal cornet had to prop me up for the last few bars!! That was at Rochdale Contest with Whittworth Vale and Healey!!

    Ummm, I like the piece though! :oops:

    I have had to edit this 3 TIMES cos of my illiterate blonde ways tonight! sorryyyy!! :oops:
  14. Owen

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    I am impressed - very rarely these days does one hear the expression "Henry II (my favourite monarch)".

    Great piece of music though - can't add anything to what has already been said!
  15. MoominDave

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    Thanks for the info - so it sounds like it takes an overall inspiration from the famous house, not a series of specific ones. I had been wondering what the prolonged fart at the end might depict!

    Henry II - did well for sorting the country out after the Stephen/Matilda faff, but didn't his reign end in various sorts of trouble? And his children didn't do the best by the country either...
  16. jockinafrock

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    Surprised that no-one's commented on this piece recently. What a fantastic piece! Really enjoying taking Wellington Band through their paces on this, but boy! it's a toughie for 2nd section bands... :shock:
    There are so many lovely sounds to be found in it, as well as couple of stickies - been listening to the Dyke recording, and even they fell foul of the syncopated sections at figures 16 and 19 ;) Interested to hear how many different interpretations of the 4/4 semiquaver patterns after figs 1 and 21, and who technically is correct. I want to play them as they are written ie 4 semis, though recordings I've heard seem to put more emphasis on a triplet rhythym :confused: Anyone care to comment on how they are playing/conducting these particular bars?
    Think this has got to be one of my favourite Gregson pieces - the bands that win on this will surely be worthy of promotion into the 1st section. :clap:
  17. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    As to be a great test this year for 2nd section bands ;
    I think Gregson as wrote some fine music for all sections to play.
    After all this was used for Championship section area in 1972 if im correct?
  18. Euphanasia

    Euphanasia Member

    Our MD is giving both those bars as 5 beats (3 crotchet and 2 quaver beats)......which does kind of make it sound a bit' tripletty'....Not sure if that helps, but it works in as much as we all hit the downbeat of the next bar together (more or less:-?).....
  19. ben16

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    who strictly speaking wasn't actually ever king. However that reminds me of the Plantagenets' two main activities:
    hammering the Scots.
    putting the Welsh in their place.
  20. subtlevib

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    Surely best to play as written?