The passing of Geoff Jarrett

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    The funeral of Geoff Jarrett,who passed away very suddenly last week,will be held on Tuesday 8th December at the Salvation Army Citadel,Upper Wells Street,Coventry at 11.15 am. Geoff was a member of Coventry City SA Band for many years and then played for Rolls-Royce(Coventry), Shirley and Shipston Town Bands.If you are a bandsperson and would like to play at the funeral,please contact me.

    Dave Lea Jaguar ( Coventry) Band. 07761 338922
  2. Brian J

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    We were deeply saddened by the passing of Geoff who was a wonderful bandsman and a lovely person.

    We treasured him as a member of the band, as a great player, someone to make us smile and a dear friend. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.


    Brian Johnson
    Shirley Band

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