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  1. 4barsrest have tweeted about a brass band thing on the one show this week. Any idea what it could be?
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    I remember reading that they were following one band at a recent contest (I think it was the British Open but can't remember which band)
  3. I don't know about any current projects, but North London Brass recently appeared on 'The One Show' with former Hanwell Band maestro, Charley Brighton, in Esther Rantzen's That's Life anniversary edition. It was great fun.

    Here's a clip of our few seconds of fame:

    (the split notes were probably mine)
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    Filming was being done at the Open. I was was told it was supposed to be aired on 23rd Sept yet it wasn't.
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    There was of course this thread some months ago which went some way to explaining what was going on:

    It says something about the incurious and supine nature of the brass band press that there was no attempt to investigate this major story - not least by Brass Band World magazine, which so far, in the two editions published since the story broke, has carried not a single word about the scandal. I have no doubt that this is because of the incestuous nature of the brass band world in general (in this case, BBW is edited by the MD of one of the bands caught up in the scandal). So it falls to the BBC to bring the story to the brass band fraternity in general. Oh, for a free press!
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    Its going to be on tomorrow
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    Ok, so will it be Floral dance or A N Other piece being played ?
  9. I can understand your frustration. However, all brass band magazines in my experience carry a fairly similar diet of informative articles on various bands / instruments / CDs / soloists / concerts etc., and don't do investigative journalism. There usually isn't much to investigate!
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    I totally agree very little contentious ever appears in the brass band press. Good journalism comes from taking risks and diging deep. Our movement would be better for exposé and questioning.
    There is far too much 'behind closed doors' or maybe they have had the phone call threatening 'legal action' as some have been known to do.
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    The One Show "investigation" wasn't really an investigation at all. We already knew absolutely everything (and more besides) from the other thread on TMP (especially the information gathered by Corleone). All The One Show did was find Whitehead's phone number, give him a call, and have him hang up. Vince Cable was totally let off the hook by the interviewer by being allowed to serve up some non-specific nonsense about closing loopholes yada yada yada. Meanwhile, Dyke, Grimethorpe, and a host of others are no nearer to getting their money. Interesting to note, though, that Grimethorpe demanded half their fee up front and therefore are not out by nearly as much as they might have been.
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    Anyone know which band he was pictured playing for?
  13. The prestige promotions band
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    I agree, although when most of what little banding journalism there is, is owned by or linked to a religious sect (the SA) than we shouldn`t be too surprised I suppose. The SP&S were honest enough when they took over the BB to say that it was a part of their 'religious outreach', I dont suppose investigative jouralism is too much of priority when your`e in the business of saving souls. :)
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    And conducted by non other than Julian (My brother's a famous trombone player) Bright. Any stats available on the shortest life span of a brass band?
    Moomin Dave will know the answer to that.

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    I wouldn't class THE BB as most of banding's journalism these days, and as you say, most religious organisations seem to keep a fairly low profile with regard to investigative stuff. Not surprising what with dodgy priests, vicars etc. No too many years ago, and this is hear-say, the SA were in a bit of bother with the charity commissioners over one of their vicars loosing a cool 6 million on some dodgy investment or other. Maybe Mr Whitehead would have an opinion on that?

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    Another example of a business with a 'Christian ethos' here it would seem.
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    Well Well ! This is what happens when you let vicars (I think the SA equivalent is 'officer') run businesses rather than employing professionals to administer their affairs. A little bit like the CO-OP bank. That will take some explaining.