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  1. Gavin

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    JAGRINS is going to produce some study scores of Andrew Baker’s ‘The Once & Future King’ and will have them available for sale at the Welsh Area next weekend. If you’re not going to Wales but would like one for your Area, they will be for sale online at from Monday 9th March.

    These scores will be A5 size; wire bound with colour printed card covers and will be sensibly priced at £5.

    If this latest innovation of ours proves to be popular, we will also do it in the future at other contests that might use our pieces - like ‘A Bournemouth Suite’ by Benjamin Tubb at the Pontins 4th Section in October.

    JAGRINS Music Publications
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    Shame they weren't available for Blackpool and the Yorkshire Areas....I'll give you a call later and grab one for the Midlands.
  4. Gavin

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    Sorry about that Keith. We thought about it long and hard about doing this and initially we got the ‘it’s never been done before - it won’t work’ type answers. But we eventually got some positive feed-back and decided to do it any way - and well received it has been to!

    Just a reminder to everyone that tomorrow before noon is the latest time we will be able to receive orders and get them posted in time for you to use this weekend.

    JAGRINS Music Publications
  5. Gavin

    Gavin Supporting Member

    Following the success of selling the Study Scores at the Welsh Regionals, we are pleased to announce that they will be on sale at the North of England Regionals this weekend too! For all of you that wish to purchase one for the other areas, you can do so via our website and it will be mailed out to you (please note, Thursday noon is the last point you can order to guarantee delivery before the weekend).

    JAGRINS Music Publications

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