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Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by dyl, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    This is the official tMP discussion thread for the London and Southern Counties Area of the forthcoming Regional Championships of Great Britain.

    Feel free to discuss your thoughts and predictions for each section within the Area - but don't forget to enter the tMP Predictions Competition - for your chance to contribute to the overall tMP Predictions (plus a chance to win one of the first copies of 'The Mouthpiece' - the winning march composed by Darrol Barry). Please note, that any predictions posted within this thread do not contribute towards the competition. Details of the tMP Predictions Competition can be found here:

    We also ask that when the results for the various sections are announced, they are posted in this thread, and not posted as brand new threads - it has the potential to become extremely messy should this be the case. We will be creating and maintaining a complete set of results for viewing on the tMP Portal as they happen.

    Contest Details:

    London & Southern Counties
    Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage

    Championship Section - Sunday, March 20th 2005
    Adjudicator: David Read

    Alliance Brass - J Clark
    Aveley & Newham - N Taken
    Friary Guildford - K Maxwell
    Ipswich & Norwich Co-op - S Kenna
    Kidlington Concert - C Underwood
    KM Medway - G Wilson
    Redbridge Brass - M White
    Soham Comrades - Chris King
    Welwyn Garden City - D Jones
    Zone One Brass - S Dobson

    1st Section - Saturday, March 19
    Adjudicator: David Read

    Alder Valley Brass - B Gentry
    Becontree Brass - G Sheldon
    Bedford Town - ?
    Broseley Brass (MK) - P Fensom
    Chichester City - D Hirst
    City of Cambridge - R Gray
    Clacton-on-Sea Co-operative - M White
    Denham Hendon Brass - G Davies
    Egham - G Green
    Fairlop Brass - K Jordan
    Hatfields of Colchester - ?
    Haverhill Silver - M Ager
    Matthews Norfolk Brass - D Stowell
    Regent Brass - R Ward
    St Albans City - S Garman
    Staines Brass - I McElligott
    Stonesfield Silver - T Brotherthood
    Wantage Silver 'A' - M Pegram

    2nd Section - Sunday, March 20th 2005
    Adjudicator: Malcolm Brownbill

    Betteshanger Welfare - D Burridge
    Brighton & Hove City Brass - C Aberg
    Capital Concert Brass - J Morahan
    Cawston - C Swaep
    Crystal Palace - M Gray
    East London Brass - S Earley
    Epping Forest - M Easener
    Fulbourn & Teversham RBL - P Mott
    Horsham Borough - G Bacon
    Sandhurst Silver - R Burke
    Tilbury - R Nunnery
    Ware Brass - K Durbin
    Yiewsley & West Drayton - C Cole

    3rd Section - Saturday, March 19th 2005
    Adjudicator: Malcolm Brownbill

    Bradwell Silver - K Durbin
    Cantium Brass - J Gould
    Chinnor Silver - D Pegram
    Croydon Brass - A Caldon
    Enfield Motor Museum & Potters Bar Contest Band - S Jones
    Epsom & Ewell Silver - T Howard
    Great Yarmouth - S Philpot
    Grimsdyke Brass - S Broughall
    Hangleton - J Williams
    Hemel Hempstead - G Weeks
    Hilgay Silver - A Clarke
    Hitchin - M Hurrell
    Hungerford Town - T Crouter
    Jersey Premier Brass - G Saynor
    Jubilee Brass (Oxford) - K Membury
    St Sebastian Wokingham - D Richards
    Stantonbury Brass - J Jenkin
    Woodbridge Excelsior - E Howells

    4th Section - Sunday, March 20th 2005
    Adjudicator: Stanley Lippeatt

    Amersham - A Fawbert
    Battle Town - J Penton
    Bletchington Silver - S Barwick
    Chalgrove - I Young
    Charles Church Camberley - R Cherry
    Cobham Band - D Ruel
    Cottenham Brass - C Watson
    Fakenham Town - D Wakefield
    Fulham Brass - P McLaughlin
    Haslemere Town - G Wade
    King's Lynn Town - S Ingham
    Letchworth Garden City - T Welch
    Norfolk Wherry Brass - A Craze
    Pangbourne & District Silver - D Roberts
    Royston Town - G Smith
    Somersham Town - D Chambers
    Sussex Brass (Hastings) - S Hollamby
    Tadley Concert Brass - P Chapman
    Thundersley Brass - K Schroeter
    Wantage Silver 'B' - P Uzzell
    Waterbeach Brass - J Utting
    Watford Band - M France
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  2. Bryan_sop

    Bryan_sop Active Member

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  3. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    There should be 11 in the top section - whats happened to Northfleet?
  4. Meg

    Meg Member

    Rayleigh, Essex
    You just beat me to it! I was also wondering what has happened to City of Oxford? I thought there were supposed to be 12 bands in the Championship section.
  5. stephen_clapton

    stephen_clapton New Member

    City degegistered, which is a shame for the area, on a local and national level. Im sure they will be back soon! :biggrin:

    IYOUNG Member

    The deep south
    City of Oxford as I understand it are no longer in existence.
  7. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Bucks/Oxon borders, UK

    They do still exist, and are still playing concerts (e.g. at Brize Norton tomorrow evening)

    However, shortage of players has meant that contesting this year wasn't going to be possible, so the band didn't register this year.

    The other 2 bands in the City of Oxford Silver Band organisation are also still running (Oxford Templars and the Beginners band).


    IYOUNG Member

    The deep south
    Apologies Neil - I stand corrected

  9. Fridge

    Fridge Member

    Battle Town Band For 4th Section!!!!!!


    Go Battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Laserbeam bass

    Laserbeam bass Active Member

    The engine room
    I thought that they were already in that section :rolleyes:

    Just to give Will the Sec some inspiration, "there's only one F in Fulham" :clap:
  11. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    I'm starting to get really excited (and bit anxious) about the areas. This whole relegation/promotion/nationals thing really makes this contest much more important than any contest I've been in before. Usually it's like do you win or not...maybe did we beat that one band.

    This year its like...
    1st place: London Champions and RAH
    2nd place: Get to go to RAH
    3rd place - 4th place: Stay up in Champcionship section another year (party time)
    5th - 8th place: Do we stay up...get out a calculator
    9th - 10th: Down to first section

    So much to play for!! WOW!!
  12. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    Don't panic yet Pat, its not as bad as you think! Oxford are still in the system, so they'll get 1 point more than last place (12 assuming Northfleet are going) and on points that means they should definitely go down. If I've done the maths right, even if you guys came last (which I'm sure you won't!) it doesn't guarantee relegation - it will depend where the others are placed.
  13. NeilW

    NeilW Member

    Bucks/Oxon borders, UK
    I'm not sure City of Oxford are "in the system" this year, as they are not registered at all - they are not simply a "did not enter" which would merit an "entries +1" score.
  14. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    In the system = still on the L&SC grading tables. Sorry, should have explained better!
  15. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    New Southgate, London
    As far as I know, Northfleet have entered and will be competing.
  16. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    Not paniced...just excited (If WGC get sent down, I probably won't be around for the 1st section days. Would still hate to see it happen on my watch though)
  17. And there's no f in pencils. Can I deduce from this your less than tacit support on the day LBB?
  18. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    West Sussex
    I thought so too - that's good to hear!
    If it is the case, I'm surprised noone from that band has noticed they're not on the lists here or for predictions though :-?
  19. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    near Dublin
    Unfortunately Paul, I believe you'll have my tacit support that day :frown: (Unless you have a late draw)

    I think our band will be rehearsing in Welwyn when the fourth section is playing.

    Does anybody else get frustrated that with the morning of rehearsals, immense weight times to get in the registration room, then in the registration room, then time taken to pack becomes difficult to see your friends bands and support them?
  20. Soppy

    Soppy Member

    Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
    The Matthews band have withdrawn. We were unable to get a Bb Bass player :(
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