The 'Official' tMP Australian National Championships Thread

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by dyl, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    This is the official tMP discussion thread for the 2005 Australian National Band Championships taking place in Adelaide over Easter - 24th - 27th March 2005.

    The following timetable and list of bands has been taken the official site of the championships:



    Thursday 24th March
    Brass Solo Events
    Brass Party Events (after solos)
    Brass Champion of Champions at end of the day

    Friday 25th March
    Brass Grades – Hymn & Test

    Saturday 26th March
    Parade of Bands
    Brass Grades – Own Choice
    - Stage March
    Concert Band solo events
    Concert Band Party Events (after solos)
    Concert Band Champion of Champions at end of the day

    Sunday 27th March
    Concert Band – all on stage items



    A Grade Brass:
    Brisbane Excelsior, City of Holroyd, Darebin, Footscray-Yarraville ,Glenorchy City Concert Brass, Hawthorn Band, Kew Band, Kensington and Norwood Brass, Moreland City, St Marys Band Club, Tanunda Town Band Waratah, Willoughby City

    B Grade Brass:
    Boroondara Brass, Cairns Brass No.1, Gunnedah Shire Brass, Hall Village Brass, Moorabbin Brass, Salisbury City Band, Sutherland Shire Brass, Warringah Concert Brass

    C Grade Brass:
    Bankstown Brass, Blue Mountains City Brass, Cairns Brass No.2, Enfield Brass, Gosford City Brass, Greater Bendigo Concert Brass, Hahndorf Town Band, Marion City Band, Marist Brothers Brass Band, Sunshine Community Brass, Toronto Brass

    D Grade Brass:
    Echuca Federal Bands, Hobart City Band, K&N Youth Brass, Mildura District Brass, St Marys Band Club Brass

    Junior Brass:
    A Grade: Gunnedah Shire, Willoughby City
    B Grade:
    Boroondara, Whitehorse Brass
    C Grade:
    Boroondara, Warringah Concert Brass, Warriparinga Brass

    Concert Bands
    Elder Conservatorium Wind Ensemble, Ginninderra Wind Orchestra, State Schools Symphonic Wind Ensemble

    B Grade Concert Bands:
    Hobart City Concert Band, HSPA Concert Band, North West Wind Ensemble, Onkaparinga Concert Band, Tea Tree Gully Red Backs, Unley Concert Band

    D Grade Concert Band:

    Newton Moore Secondary High Schools Band No. 1

    Junior Concert Bands
    A Grade: Castle Hill RSL Youth, Pembroke School
    B Grade: Brighton Secondary, Mowbray College, Pembroke School
    C Grade: St Andrew’s School Band
  2. HBB

    HBB Active Member


    Nice to have some non-british brass championships on tMP!

  3. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    I seem to have missed the tMP predictions competition for this contest! And why was I not invited to the 'Brass Party Event'? Is that part of the contest???

  4. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    The brass party events are not a ****-up (unfortunatly!) They are small ensemble sections.
    I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on the results. I will just have to find a handy pc at the contest!
  5. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    I think I knew that, but thanks for the confirmation. Such a nice idea though...

    Best of luck for the weekend.

  6. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    Thanks. We should be fine. Tristan is a great piece and I'm glad I get to have a really good go at it. I'm actually more worried about the solo contest on the Thursday!
  7. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    Just a quick question.

    How many tMPer's are going to the Australian Nationals?
  8. madsaz

    madsaz Member

    on behalf of the ashton band crowd, I'd like to pass on our congratulations to Smurf and the Gunnedah Shire Band for their success in the B Section yesterday! Well done!

    WE were listening to you play salute to youth in Rammy's new pub last night.......

    :clap: :clap: :clap:
  9. ted

    ted Member

    I was most certainly there!

    It was a great weekend and our bands were quite successful this year! We were lucky enough to have two girls from Norway playing with us, they certainly know how to party!

    However, the organisation of the event was not so great and was quite possibly the worst run event in the last decade. I permitted with a C Grade band and they had us waiting in a holding room for 20 minutes, then in a warm up room for 20 minutes, then they told us to leave the warm up room and get on stage, only to leave us standing outside in the cold for 20 minutes before we were on the stage.

    Normally you wouldn't be waiting for more than 5 minutes so you can keep the instruments warm by blowing through them, but when it's 20 minutes in strong wind, I had no chance, I was struggling hard enough to keep myself warm!

    Let me tell you what else I found very annoying. I was in the warm up room of the A Grade competition and there wasn't enough stands! (2 short of standard brass band instrumentation) We didn't have any extra players, and when I asked the organiser for an extra stand, the reply was short and sweet "There are no extra stands", then I said to him "but there aren't enough stands in there for a standard brass band", to which he replied "this is a warm up room, not a concert hall".

    I didn't bother with him at the time because I obviously had other things to concentrate. It was more a case of trying not to get unsettled because I had to play very shortly. The question remains though, this is supposed to be a world class event with Australia's best bands competiting at the highest level; if they decided to provide a warm up room with stands, why would they not provide enough stands?? This lack of consideration from the organisers runs right through the long weekend and climaxed when people without seats were asked to leave the hall for the results. Some people ended up sitting on stage but more people were standing outside and refused entry into the hall.

    Bands spend from $50000 to $200000 to travel to Adelaide for an annual competition, and they can't even be there for the results. If they announced the results of each section at separate venues at the conclusion of each section then there wouldn't have been a problem.

    So it's a thumbs up for Australian banding, but a thumbs down for the organisers. I was most annoyed at the attitude of the organiser who wasn't even half apologetic about not providing enough stands in the warm up room. I don't blame them for doing a bad job because it is a big event to organise, but when things go wrong they at least be sympathetic instead of shifting the blame and responding with smart remarks.

  10. Roger Thorne

    Roger Thorne Active Member

    Unfortunately these 'minor' incidents happen at every contest around the world. I appreciate your concerns and no doubt you feel a lot better for airing your views on tMP, but I'm sure the organisers of any brass band contest would certainly appreciate constructive feedback as to make sure these little mishaps can be eliminated next time.
    As with all competitions, tensions run high, not only with the competitors but also with the organisers. I'm sure a polite written letter to the chairman of the organising committee expressing your concerns will no doubt ensure that things run a lot smoother next year.

  11. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    I had better put in my piece while I can!

    I have to say I have never been to a more poorly organised solo contest. It is hard enough to just play let alone deal with a bunch of officials who don't know what is going on! The communication between officials was appauling. Some sections had to wait over 2 1/2 hours for there results! My section waited over 1 1/2 hours for results for a section of 6 people! And then they lost the critiques from the adjudicator!
    It has made me seriously reconsider whether I will ever compete in a National solo contest again.

    Well done to all the winners in the solos and the bands but I don't think music was the winner down-under.................

    edit: My band also had some problems with the officials and the staging of the event like ted ^^ and I would have to say that the problem that happened on the weekend where not "minor".........
  12. ted

    ted Member

    The thing about our Nationals is that each year the responsibility gets passed onto different states. Meaning that this year's organisers (South Australia Band Association) will not be staging the 2006 championships; which will be hosted by the Queensland Band Association.

    So Fitzy, don't feel discouraged about our national solo championships; I think this year's is a one-off shocker.

    Let's hope that the SABA remembers the problems that occured during this year's championships by the time the Nationals return to South Australia (at least 4 years time).

  13. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    If it makes you feel any better Fitzy at NABBA the soloist sontest is on Friday afternoon and results are announced Saturday Night!!!
  14. smurf

    smurf New Member

    Thanks for the message.

    My first Australian contest and let me tell the UK bands, it is different! To play 2 contest pieces, a hymn and a march is quite strange. Having played in England for some 20 odd years, and having to go to rehersal everynight the week before the contest on one piece, it was a good change to play them.

    I do think that this event lacked some organisation. Our band had the 20 min wait, but I think that did us some good, as we had more time to settle down and to compose our thoughts.

    Congratulations to all bands and soloists that took part, I certainly enjoyed my first Ozzie contest, and I hope there are more to come.
  15. Lil Miss

    Lil Miss Active Member

    I must agree with everyone how poorly this competition was organised. The junior cornet section (my section) had results at 6pm, or course the section started at 1pm. When the results were first read out the winner was somebody who had been scratched:biggrin:
    Anyway so all the competitiors/parents/official all sat down to work out who was what number, because numerous ppl had played in the order not corresponding with the programme (Like me, i was no. 3 in the programme and played no.10). We all worked out that the crit sheets were pre-numbered corresponding to the programme, and that's how we dealt out the i got crit sheet for number 3 not number 10...because the original number 10 was scratched and had a blank crit sheet. The real WINNER of the junior cornet section was Genevieve Smith :clap:

    also like Ted said at the results for A grade they told everyone who wasn't seated to get out.....Why didn't they provide enough seats....they knew there would be heaps of ppl coming to listen to results....why not pick a bigger hall???? Anywayz so a large group of ppl went on stage and sat on the seats there...My sister and I just sat on the edge. But i thought how stupid r these organisers, u'll let ppl sit on stage but not in the aisle and spaces just in front of the stage:rolleyes: Hopefully the next nationals will be a lil better I hope.
    Congrats to all the winners and all the bands...Everyone did very well and I look forward to hearing lotz more bands next year!!:D
  16. kiwiposaune

    kiwiposaune New Member

    Congrats to Howard Taylor and the XLCR band for what must have been a great win. They've been knocking on the door for a few years now so I'm sure they're feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. XLCR has been a terrific turnaround story since HT arrived there.
  17. Okiedokie of Oz

    Okiedokie of Oz Active Member

    The last Nationals I went to was the Brisbane 2001, and we had a few similar problems. In regards to the lack of communication, stands and waiting times before going onstage, its become something I find synonymous with contest. Nothing I can do really. Actually thats a lie, last years states went very quickly, but I put that down to nerves.

    Congrats to XLCR. they deserved something good after everything that happened at the beginning of the year. Thanks to Brett Baker and Brendan Wheeler for popping over and helping them. Congrats to Gunnedah. As a former Tamworth boy, I am insanely jealous of you guys!!! Congrats to everyone else who competed, solo and bands. The fact that it was cold in Adelaide is hint enough that God wanted you all to have fun!!
  18. fitzy

    fitzy Active Member

    Should we have to put up with it though? Bands should be all about the fantastic music we get to play. Not all the bullsh*t we have to go through to get on stage at contests. My band has always been firstly about music and enjoyment and contesting doesn't really come in to it. We use it as just another performance platform. We all love being on stage in front of an audience. Winning looks after itself. This year was extra special for us as 7 weeks before the Nationals, we were not going due to the fact that we had no MD due to various circumstances. Howard Ward stepped in at the last minute and did a fantastic job with a short amount of time and he started with only half a band. We are looking towards a great period of music making with him.

    Well done to XLCR. It will be a good tussle over the next few years.
  19. ted

    ted Member

    I disagree. The all round organisation in previous nationals were a lot better. The band & solo events in Tassie ran smoothly and results were announced after each section. Not a bad word was said about the organisation of those events.

    In Newcastle the organisers took a subtle approach, you can hardly even notice that things were being organised, they just happened. All the organisers seem to know everything that is happening and they worked together.

    I don't think we should have to be content with whatever we get served and be thankful when they get things right. Do we just accept that the NBCA cannot put together a national band? Do we just accept that the NBCA can never run a national championship where things run smoothly? Do we just accept mediocrity as the norm?

    I know most of the organisers are volunteers, but volunteers still need to be held responsible for what they do. Some form of party should assess how successful each nationals were because this is the only way things will improve.

  20. Lil Miss

    Lil Miss Active Member

    yes well as long as the vbl isn't the "party" that assess each nationals...because they r already hopless as it is!!! I don't think we hav to put up with badly organised nationals each year, if england and new zealand and everywhere else can get organised ,then we should be able to do it as well!!!!

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