The new Yorkshire Youth Brass Band

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    [imgleft][/imgleft]The new Yorkshire Youth Brass Band

    As part of its new initiative to sponsor the work of young people, Black Dyke Band, under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Childs, intends to form a Yorkshire Youth Brass Band.

    The purpose of the creation of the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band is to inspire and motivate young people aged 11 - 18 years to achieve their full potential as musicians, composers and citizens. There will be three workshops held to engage those who have already achieved Grade 4, full band rehearsals and sectionals will be given by key members of the Black Dyke Band, including Richard Marshall, Cornet, David Thornton, Euphonium and Brett Baker, Trombone. The day’s events will include seating auditions and action planning in preparation for the inaugural concert. The final gathering for 2006 will consist of a musical weekend to be held at the Headingley Campus of Leeds Metropolitan University and will culminate in the inaugural concert of the first Yorkshire Youth Brass Band. Parents will be actively encouraged to support their children.

    In addition to its work with players, the band will also include opportunities for young composers, and will hold regular seminars for those who would like to expand their knowledge and experience of writing for brass. ‘Composer's Collective’, under the guidance of Professor Philip Wilby, will meet during the year, and will consist initially of a class of 4 - 8 young composers. It is envisaged that these will be of school age, with an interest in writing or arranging for brass instruments in all aspects. Band members and instrumental staff will work with the collective as soloists and members of smaller groups, and access to the full ensemble will be encouraged as the project develops.

    Interested parties in the ‘Composer’s Collective’ are welcome to make informal contact with Prof. Wilby by E-Mail on Sample scores can be sent to Prof. Wilby at The School of Music, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT.

    • Three days of workshops 21st May, 25th June and 16th July, 2006
    • Held at the Headingley Campus of Leeds Metropolitan University
    • Inaugural concert performing with the Black Dyke Band, 16th July, 2006
    • Musical weekend including sectionals, full band rehearsals, family concert and Farewell Party

    Award Ceremony
    • Young Composer
    • Most Promising Young Musician

    The cost for each gathering is £10.This reduced price has been made possible by the generous support of Partners Black Dyke Band, Arts and Business, Breville and Leeds Metropolitan University.Leeds Metropolitan University entered into partnership with Black Dyke Band in December 2005.

    Enjoy your music, meet new friends and have fun!

    Alison Childs,
    Yorkshire Youth Brass Band.

    For further details and an application form contact: The Administrator: Alison Childs mob. 07802
    771735Email: Website:
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    Is the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band running courses in 2007, does anyone know?

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