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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Ozzielover, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. Ozzielover

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    This is a shout out to all you lovely blowers...

    I am a new brass tutor and am trying to set up a small brass band in a local school, i am appealing for a little helping hand:

    We have managed to get a grant that has enabled us to buy 22 old instruments, Larks, Lafleurs and Jupiters. My problem is that they have all been allocated and we still have 40 children signed up on the waiting list..
    I am hoping that someone out there will have an old instrument or 2 not being used, that you wouldn't mind renting out or loaning to some very enthusiastic children.....i know its a big ask, but its always worth a question eh?
    Also any help with teaching books,or methods, music to excite them or any information on concerts and trips out that would be beneficial to them would be gratefully recieved..

    I am setting this up in conjunction with a music teacher friend of mine, we started playing together in Perscoran Brass Band at the age of 10, and now in our mid thirties we are hoping to help and encourage some new young minds to love and feel the brass band movement like we do, in the hope they will keep our beautiful music going on for generations to come.

    Any help at all, in what ever form, will be massively appreciated,
    thankyou all for reading.

  2. trumpetmike

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    Good for you and Good Luck!

    For some simple arrangements, I would strongly suggest checking out Pennine Music Press - especially the Brass Monkeys series -

    Some excellent, fairly simple, arrangements and original tunes for beginner band. I have used them with my beginner brass ensemble and they have really enjoyed them. Their solution regarding photocopying is SUPERB as well (ALL other publishers could learn from them!).

    Get them listening to as many brass groups as they can. Not just the more serious but the lighter side (Mnozil, for example) - the students I have seen progress furthest and fastest have been those who have done their own exploring of the brass repertoire alongside the stuff we do in lessons/rehearsals.

    Are there any local bands you can combine with for joint concerts?
    I am lucky - I run both a beginner ensemble and an advanced one (most of the players are post Grade 8, with a few in National Youth groups). Nothing inspires the younger students more than playing alongside more advanced students. When they do joint concerts with adult bands they get inspired but nowhere nearly as much as when they are playing alongside other students (the sign that high quality playing can be achieved by students - they expect it from the adults).

    Good luck - it can be a very rewarding experience
  3. Ozzielover

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    Hello trumpetmike,
    so much for answering my plea, and giving me such good suggestions.
    I have had a look at Pennine music and am going to give the books a try.
    I have some music for them to listen to from my own collection a couple of groups like BrassRoots,and the Hot 8 Brass band as well as the conventional.
    I am a member of Bretforton Silver Band which is a local adult village band and we have support from them and have our first joint concert booked in for January.:) .. Which i am quietly panicking about and the kids are aching for!

    If you don't mind i may keep asking you questions, as this role is very new to me.
    Thanks again
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