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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by All4Brass, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Should points in the table not be awarded for the strength of the competing bands also?! I would say its harder to win a contest with 5 bands in such as Cory, Fodens, Dyke, Brighouse etc....then win a contest with 10 bands in with a lesser field. Quality not Quantity! :) Just thought I would ask ;)
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    Interesting idea - I'm still a bit confused about what contests you count though, I noticed that the ODBBA contest in Feb results weren't included, though the bands were largely competing against their section gradings? I guess this was just a mistake it was missed?

    Good luck with this!
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    There weren't enough bands at the ODBBA contest; the league only awards points for contests with 5 or more bands.

    (and I know its the wrong thread but what the h*ll.... HUGE congrats to you and Regent for your result on Sunday Alan!! :clap:)
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    Doh - I didn't read this properly at all!

    Huge congratulations to you guys too - I've always thought you have a really cracking band at Friary and I'm so glad that your hard work has been rewarded!
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    The Brass Band League has now been updated following the Buxton Brass Band Festival & SCABA Spring Contest this weekend -
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    The Brass Band League has now been updated after the All England International Masters, seeing changes in the Midlands, Yorkshire, North of England, West of England, London & S.C. and Wales -

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