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    Brass Band League

    A new ‘Brass Band League’ (BBL) has been launched with the aim of providing bands with an alternate way to track their progress throughout the sections over the course of a year. The league is to be run in a way more akin to the F.A. Football leagues than the current National Grading system. Seasons will run from January to December and every set of contest results within the UK will be counted (some exceptions do apply).

    The main advantage to the new BBL is that a band’s ranking is no longer governed by just one or two contest result per year, meaning a poor result at the Regional Finals could still see your band pushing for promotion up until the end of the season. Non-Registered bands will also be included in the BBL as they enter and perform at contests throughout the year. The leagues are broken down into the eight Brass Band Regions and subsequent five sections, from Championship Section to fourth Section. The BBL is not currently associated with any contest and promotion/relegation in the BBL does not affect your bands National Grading.

    It is hoped that over the course of a season, the BBL will bring with it a healthy sense of rivalry and all the excitement of last minute promotions and relegations that we have become accustomed to in the Football League.

    The season has already begun following the Butlins Contest. You can view the latest league tables and view the rules and how the points system works by CLICKING HERE

    Finally, we hope you all enjoy the 'Brass Band League' and would be grateful if you could help to publicise the new BBL via any means possible (band web-site, social media, word of mouth etc.) Please feel free to use the BBL logo and copy the league tables to your band's web-site and/or link to it. The Brass Band League is currently hosted at the brass band news website,

  2. Good idea, I think, but is there a reason Haslingden have no points given that we came 8th in the 1st section at Butlins?
  3. All4Brass

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    Hello Craig,

    Apologies for this. As you can imagine, setting up the league has been a big task and we ask any band to contact us if you believe that there is an error in the results. Hopefully early teething problems will be eliminated as the BBL develops.

    Thank you for letting us know. Haslingden should be currently on 8 points. We shall amend this asap.
  4. Excellent, thank you :)

    You may also want to take a look at Longridge ;)
  5. mattthebass

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    Sounds a great idea, will be interesting a couple of years down the line to compare positionings of bands.

    Is there a limit to the number of contests that will be counted, ie maximum of four or five contests go to make the ranking, the bands top results any other contests would not be counted?

    This would stop a band which has entered as many contests as possible with average results getting positioned above a band that has only entered four contests with better results.

    This should even out the playing field and give more acurate results?
  6. All4Brass

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    This is something that we may have to look at after a year or so. From research, most bands only enter between 2-4 contests per year. Bands will not be able to enter lots of little contests with only 4-5 bands per section as these are not counted for the exact reason you state. Hopefully the BBL will reward bands who compete and come high up against lots of bands in a contest, more than those who compete against a small number of bands and finish mid table.
  7. All4Brass

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    Both items fixed ;-) Thank you.
  8. Accidental

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    looks interesting, but I do have a few questions....

    What does this offer that's different from the current ranking systems out there? (Worldofbrass, Brass Stats, Paddy...)
    How will you factor in contests with different grading systems - eg scaba - or contests where bands play up a section?
    Will you weight contests/points according to the (perceived) strength of the field or will the points system be the same for everything?
    Will you change the tables so that bands on equal points are given an equal rank, or will it stay alphabetical?

    and, a question I've been wondering ever since your website started (which I think is a great alternative to 4barsinKapitol'spocket btw!).... who are you? :)
  9. Tam O Shanter

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    The Northern Region band lists are wrong. Both Shepherd Group and Westoe are shown as in the 1st section when both are now actually in the Championship Section as from January.
  10. Will the Sec

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    Will this take into account that Liverpool and Spurs are out of the cup?
  11. All4Brass

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    Hi Alex,

    To answer your questions, the main difference is that is it more of a league than a large ranking table. The bands are also contained to their regional
    regions rather than across the board and each band will restart with 0 points at the start of the new year. Where bands perform in say, two sections at a contest, only the result from their 'league section', will be taken into consideration. The (perceived) strength of the field will not alter the point system - if you perform against Black Dyke or Joe Bloggs Brass etc, this would not make a difference. The equal points situation will hopefully balance out over the course of a season. However, if two bands are on the same points and performed in the same amount of contests etc, then the bands Regional Finals placing will take precedent. Naturally, this cannot be implimented until after March. Finally, who we are can be read in full on ;-)
  12. All4Brass

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    Thank you for this. We had struggled with the Northern Regional area for a complete list of bands (& sections) as their web-site is currently no longer available like all the others.
  13. Accidental

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  14. All4Brass

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    Three contests take place this weekend with results from them being registered in the new Brass Band League (BBL). These are...

    Brass At The Guild (excluding the Championship Section)
    Yeovil Contest
    GBBA Entertainments Contest

    More details on the new BBL can be found here -
  15. All4Brass

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    The Brass Band League has now been updated after the four contests this weekend - Brass At The Guild (ex. Championship Section), the GBBA Contest, Durham League Contest & the Yeovil Contest -
  16. Tam O Shanter

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    Have a look at Paddy's Northern Area thread. That has the bands in the right sections I think.
  17. tuba90

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    York Railway Institute Band are in the North of England Area 2nd Section, however they do not seem to appear on any of your section tables.
  18. All4Brass

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    Thank you. The league shall become more populated as more bands compete.
  19. euphalogy

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    Do we need new cards n fotos to join in?
  20. All4Brass

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    We could make a fortune ;-) - but no, this is for every band and free!

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