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  1. alangiff3

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    The National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain Website...who actually runs this site? And why is Yorkshire and London & Southern Counties the only regions that have a site? :confused:

    by the way the site is :
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  2. wewizrobbed

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  3. alangiff3

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    :p oh right, I never noticed that one, well I've just had a look at it and its a very impressive site :clap:
  4. BbBill

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    Afterall, it has won the tMP "Website of the Month" twice now!!

    Well done John Martin!
  5. on_castors

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    I thought you meant which is only marginally more informative than nothing, until I looked at the Scottish site!
  6. alangiff3

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  7. Aardvark

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    I think the LSC part of it is very informative - entries for this years contest, current grading tables, preliminary gradings, full details of the contest, plus loads of historic info - can't think of anything that's missing :clap:
  8. alangiff3

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    I agree with you, the Yorkshire site is very good aswell, its just ashame that most of the regions dont even have a site yet :(
  9. stuartw

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    I am glad you find the Yorkshire and London sites useful. The regional-contest web area was set up by London and SC and they had the foresight to set it up as a hub for all the regions so that the community could easily find its way to information about any region through one portal. Obviously sbba already had its own excellent site and this just has a link in place but the central address is still a good way to navigate to it. I know that all the regions have been invited to set up sites of their own under the regional-contest banner so that it would be a truly national resource and I hope that some more take up the chance soon. Maybe web experts from regions without a web site should have a word with their regional secs at the forthcoming areas and volunteer their services so that we can really get this central resource filled with information from all the areas.


    Yorkshire webmaster
  10. backrowbloke

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    Why is Wales the same colour as Midlands on the map ????
    Who have you contacted in each area - regional secretary?
  11. stuartw

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    Wales is a subtley different shade of green on my monitor but I agree they are rather close in colour and maybe this can be looked at once all the work of the regional weekends is over ( although I dont actually look after this part of the site). To the best of my knowedge the regional secretaries have been contacted and in the end they are going to have to sanction the webmasters for each region to act on behalf of their area. They are certainly the person to speak to if you are a potential volunteer as regional webmaster......;)

  12. I agree about the LSC website, always very quickly updated as well. I used it only this morning to settle a discussion about what section a band was in, that a friend of mine was playing with at the time and couldn't remember. I think the bar at Stevenage on Saturday is still having an affect.
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  14. cornishscot

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    National BB Champs of GB website

    I agree that both L&SC & Yorkshire parts of this site are both interesting and informative. Would, IMHO, be even better if content could be standardised in some way so as to maintain uniformity throughout the site. Any content not currently on Yorkshire could be included and vice versa on L & SC or any other region too together making the sum of one really powerful and effective online resource for anyone interested in looking at it to use.

    Maybe the Yorkshire webmast Stuart W could take this project on? Appearance-wise I prefer the presentation style of the Yorkshire section to that currently provided by L&SC but content wise both are equally impressive and worth keeping.
  15. alangiff3

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    Midlands Region Announce Website!

    The Midlands Region announced their website today on 4bars-rest!

    "With such a large number of Bands to keep well informed the next plan was to set up a website for the Midlands Area Brass Band Championships. This has been achieved with the generosity and help of a colleague from the West Midlands.

    The new website with dates, league tables, previous results and up to date information on the Midlands 2008 Area Contest will be live from Monday 9th July 2007."

    Quoted from 4bars-rest
  16. Ste69

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    Just to resurrect this a bit - I was just browsing around and checked back at the Yorkshire site and I am mightily impressed.

    Each region should be following suit. In Particular, the stats section for each conductor but also for each band right down to showing the uniform that each band wears. - Almost like reading the Racing Post!!!!!

    Well done Yorkshire - obviously a lot of dedicated hours spent there.
  17. LynneW

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    Completely agree with you. A really good website, must be a contender for website of the month. I thought our area, the London one, was good with lots of detail until I saw the Yorkshire one.


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