The Music of Erik Leidzen - a new recording from Leyland Band and guests in 2012

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  1. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    thanks :)
  2. hallelujahal

    hallelujahal New Member

    Really looking forward to seeing and hearing this CD! But is it likely to be ready before I move in July? I'm loath to pre-order and then have it lost in between quarters?
  3. kevinshort

    kevinshort New Member

    regarding Erick leidzen music has anyone got a soloist copy for home on the range fs 398 have band parts and score but no solo part . if you can help please pm me thanks
  4. Active Member

    Please call our Mail Order department on 01933 445445 and they'll help you.
  5. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    Johnflugel - not sure wether you're planning any more recordings in a similar vein to this and the Dean Goffin one , but if so how about a Les Condon CD at some stage ?
  6. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    Having the over active mind that I have (!), I am always thinking about the next potential recording project. Leslie Condon certainly came to mind, as did Kenneth Downie (despite a few recordings there is some great stuff that is under recorded, if at all) and Eric Ball (as per Downie). As ever it's finding the right band, soloists, repertoire (making sure there is something fresh for the ears but enough familiarity too) to make sure it is worthwhile for the charity. These projects are fabulous but require a lot sacrifice from those giving of their time and energies, so it has to tick all boxes.

    On the basis of SA composers I would like to hear thoughts/suggestions for repertoire and ideas. It's all very helpful and interesting discussion for us banders with an SA background :)
  7. P_S_Price

    P_S_Price Member

    There is such a Wealth of composers that you are spoilt for choice.

    However what isnt readily availble on recordings nowadays are some of the older Early Pieces. I suppose that the problem is that thes might not presesnt much interest or a challenge; hence their lack of regular performance.

    I do feel though that, with the demise of the festival series, that the days of the Big SA Pieces are now well behind us.

    This is a bit of a shame, but the number of SA Bands able to play such music is rapidly dwindling.
  8. hallelujahal

    hallelujahal New Member

    So much to go at! George Marshall? Ray Steadman-Allen? William Himes?Silfverberg? Bearcroft...yeah, Bearcroft definitely! What about Leonard Ballantine?..So much to go for.
  9. hallelujahal

    hallelujahal New Member

    True...which is why it needs to be opened up to bands that can play it. In a sense it's music that can bear examination by the very best, and it'll still maintain its witness. I think that here needs to be a response by SA composers to react to the changing situation, and start writing music that smaller ensembles (and perhaps less gifted musicians) can play. However, to get back on thread, it'd be great to have some the great early stuff played and opened up to a wider audience?
  10. Red Elvis

    Red Elvis Active Member

    Being a euph player I'm a massive fan of Norm (indeed , I can remember being at a function at the RAH once and the speaker said you could always tell an SA euph player by the fact that they'd have a picture of Norm in their wallet rather than one of their wife and kids!!). Having said that , he's not known for writing large-scale works for bands , although the items he arranged for chorus and brass for various large SA gatherings would count as personal favourites for me. His talents (in my opinion) lay largely in his output of marches (with lovely high euph parts) and solos.

    His nephew , tmp's very own Brian Bowen is for me a composer whose work would be deserving of a product along these lines though.
  11. hallelujahal

    hallelujahal New Member

    Yep, agree!
  12. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Norman Bearcroft wrote several larger scale works for the Canadian Staff Band when he conducted them, including The Sound of Britain, Songs of Newfoundland, and two Suites of Spirituals. Saved By Grace and The Cross, The Victory are good examples of his devotional compositions and of course several superb solos in addition to the great marches also mentioned.

    John, one idea you might consider is a recording of SA classical arrangements/transcriptions - Brian Bowen - Schubert 5th; Dean Goffin - Mendelssohn 4th (Italian); Themes form New World Symphony and Melodies of Dvorak arr. by R.S-A and Bramwell Coles - Treasures from Tchaikovsky come immediately to mind.

    There's been mention of older SA repertoire and possibly those interested could explore the recent ISB recordings in their Heritage series.

    Croydon Citadel produced a Leslie Condon recording a few years ago. I always felt a volume 2 was called for but perhaps there's just not enough material for another dedicated CD.

    I like the suggestion of music by Brian Bowen and, in addition to the Schubert, Hope Variations, The Warriors, Day of the Spiritual, The Suppliant Heart and My Comfort and Strength all come to mind.
  13. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    Stock of this CD has now arrived. Pre-orders will be despatched within a week.

    If you haven't ordered the CD and would like to, please see The recording will also be available directly from the band, World of Brass and Clarence Adoo shortly.
  14. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    my copy arrived today, the playing is great, with a couple of pieces I had not heard before. Congratulations to everyone involved, and I would give it a very warm recommendation.
  15. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    I'm glad I left the B in now ;)

    Seriously, though, glad you enjoyed it :)
  16. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    My copy swam the Atlantic I think but finally arrived on Friday. Listened to it twice now abd thoroughly enjoyed just about every minute. Thanks John and everyone involved.

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