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  1. bigmamabadger

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    Anyone read The Meaning of Liff? By Douglas Adams and er, someone else...
    They took placenames and made up meanings for them:

    Take the placesnames from the A-Z thread and come up with your own meanings for them.

    Wigan - A lady who makes hairpieces

  2. PeterBale

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    Gravesend - time for an exhumation
  3. NeilW

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    The same principal was used in the "not the 9-o-clock news" book "Not 1984" with the Oxtail English dictionary.

    The two entries I remember (without going and finding it!) were:

    Pimlico: a miscellaneous thing (cf a Pimlico box where you put all the bits and pieces that you find around the house that don't really have a home)

    Shoeburyness: that feeling you get when you sit on a warm seat that someone has just got up from.
  4. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Could this perhaps be Douglas Adams and John lloyd (producer of both HHGG and Nt9oCN)?

    The "Meaning of Liff" project was a direct outcome of the Oxtail English Dictionary, which was written for the yearbook by DA.

    The text of “the Meaning of Liff” can be found (not sure if this is a copyright breach though) HERE.

    & more on Douglas Adams, and indeed the whole world, can be found here:
  5. mikelyons

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    I have both the meaning of liff and the deeper meaning of liff (though I don't think this is as good)

    Chester : One whose breasts arrive before the rest of her does.

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