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    The Marple Band has been quietly re building over the past few years. Recent new additions include: Solo Horn - David Caine, 2nd Trombone - Dave Jones, Eb Bass - Gareth Steele, Solo Cornet - Ian Moffett and Tuned Percussionist – Cara Lallement have joined the ranks. Mr Bob Wyatt had been appointed conductor earlier this year and is progressing the band quite nicely. The band is non contesting at present and aiming to perform good quality concert music at local events.

    The band also celebrate the launch of its new website. Modern in appearance, the sites webmaster, Ian Moffett, says “having an updated site will encourage new players to the band, keep the vice president members of the band up to date and also inform visitors to the site about the next concert dates”. The web address is

    The band has also been busy buying a few new jackets so all members now look very smart. New music has also been purchased and new band ties are on the agenda. The only way is up!

    The new band room project is also well on track and the band are hoping this will encourage new players to join the cause.

    The only job left is to acquire a few more cornet players, a Bb bass and soprano player and with everything going for them, this might be sooner than we think.
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    Congleton Cheshire
    Good luck to Marple and their rebuilding, also to Bob Wyatt who is a top bloke and used to give me private lessons some 25yrs ago when he was at faireys :) good luck Bob!
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