The Man On The Moon Thing - Channel 5

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  1. Is anyone else watching?!

    I've seen the argument against whether Neil Armstrong landed on the moon before.... and I'm so convinced it was a set up!!!!!!!

    I'm fascinated!! :shock:
  2. impycornet

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    Boc !!

  3. Its mega interesting!!!!!!

    They dont think he went to the moon!!! lol :lol:

    You watch it and you'll be gripped too god dam it :evil: :lol:
  4. impycornet

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    I'll give it a miss thanks.

    Got a freshly painted wall that I need to watch dry :wink:
  5. lol, fine :evil:
  6. markyboy

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    Hi Helen. I saw a thing on telly a few years ago claiming the same thing and it was very interesting.
    I cant get Channel 5 so you'll have to tell me about it tomorrow night!
    ps My Dad got me and my brother out of bed to watch it back in 1969 so I hope that wasn't a waste of time!
  7. It was such a con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. carlwoodman

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    The glass thingys brought back from the moon and the laser reflector that sends a beam to the moon and back 240 times a year seemed fairly convincing to me.
  9. stripybananas

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    I was recording it, but the video recorder jus ate the tape up instead completely ruined it! :( i missed that twice now!!!!
  10. lynchie

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    to be honest, between the respected scientists and the red neck with too much time on his hands, i think i'm more likely to believe the scientists...

    half the arguments seemed to go along the lines of

    "the radiation would have killed them"
    "no it wouldn't, they would have had to stay out there for months for it to have any effect"
    "yeah well, the solar flare would have killed them"
    "no, sorry, they protected themselves by turning the bulk of the capsule toward the flare..."

    in other words, badly thought out, over simplified arguments being lined up and shot down in flames!
  11. jambo

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    I taped it as I was helping out my mates band. Sounds like its caused a stir.

    All I know thus far is that according to my old man, with whom one does not argue, it really happened and he saw the whole thing live on tele!

    As someone fascinated by all things to do with space i'd like to think he's right. However, I wouldn't put it past the Americans to pull a stunt like that just to beat the Russians in the space race, who were ahead at the time!

    No offence to any of our American tmp'ers but if we're gonna have conspiracy theories then there has to be a degree of cynism.
  12. andyp

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    The main problem with it all (like most of these things) is that people get very religious about it all, i.e. they start off by assuming that any point of view different to their own is automatically wrong, which is no way to conduct an argument! (and why you should never argue about religion!)
    This applies to both sides, by the way.
    It was very suspicious that all the "anti-moon landing" people had written books, or ran magazines, so they had a vested interest in keeping the theories going. I'd liked to have seen some less unbiased opinions.
  13. 2nd man down

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    Ok..I haven't written a book or stand to gain anything from my point of view...I don't think they went. Good enough? :roll:

    Do we honestly believe having been once and spent all that money on getting there that we'd never go set foot on there again?? Get real, they never did it cos they knew it was a waste of time, but they couldn't be seen to have lost the race.

    They conned the world in to believing they did it, just like they conned the world (although not quite) in to believing JFK was bumped off by one lone nut.

    Always check out the grassy knoll, the truth is out there!!
  14. 2nd man down

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    And just so as you all know i have no ambition to stop posting on here at all so if there aren't any posts from me tomorrow cos I've mysteriously disappeared you can assume I got too close to the truth!!!

    AAaaaarrrrggghhh!!! Just realised this was post 666!!! :twisted: where was that thread about wierd superstitions??! :( :( :? :shock:
  15. PeterBale

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    CAPRICORN ONE :shock: :wink: :lol:
  16. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    Exactly!!! We only saw Buzz again cos he had such a cool name!!
  17. six pints

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    i dont think they went. and im a physicist, so i actually do have a vaguely valid opinion.
  18. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    How the heck do you get to become a physicist of you cand spell a fairl common dessert??? :? Put those chemicals down now please and stand well back!!
  19. six pints

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    its a well renowned fact that physicists can't spell or do the whole grammer thing. plus im a geordie, you seriously dont expect me to be able to spell!
  20. geordiecolin

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    naah, i can't sllep either!! :lol:

    I think they landed on the moon. to be honest, it couldn't have been that hard....

    Did spark a conspiracy theory debate in my house thiough, in which i said "i'm sure glenn miller and lord lucan are living together on an island". I got 4 responses of "who the *self-beep* are they?" and one response of "I've heard of Lord Lucan, but the *self-beep* is Glenn Miller??!" :shock: :shock:

    Wasn't until one of my housemate's boyfriend came round and understood who i meant that i managed to convince them i wasn't a loon.

    I live with uncultured heathens. I despair, I really do....