The History of Brass Band Music - The Golden Era

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    I received my copy on Saturday (well done 4barsrest, only ordered it on Friday!) and admit to being just a touch disappointed.

    As ever with Grimethorpe, they sound a class act and dare I say, even more so than normal with Gary Howarth in front of them. Nothing is ever overdone and it's all very tasteful and there are some nice moments.

    I guess when you listen to bands as good as Grimethorpe, you are splitting heirs when you level any criticism at them because they really are that good. Unlike other CDs with similar content on that I own, I did not really find myself running any bits back or repeating any tracks as they did not capture my imagination. Maybe the music is too familiar and I was expecting something different when really the CD is there as a representation for historical purposes. The exception for me being Richard Marshall's rendition of Wrights Concerto which is a real class piece of cornet playing. He produces a very big fat high D at the end which seems to get bigger as the band lifts the final note :D

    Would be interesting to hear some more thoughts on this CD for tmp users who have bought it.

    I think the series is an excellent idea - I am looking forward particularly to the SA Connection and Modern Era 1970-2000 volumes, which sound very interesting. I hope some Bourgeois, Heaton, Ball, Wilby, Sparke, Steadman Allen and Simpson will be featured.

  2. Aidan

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    i dont see what is wrong with producing a cd with tracks on it recorded by other bands at other times whatsoever... if every piece was only recorded once by any band, then we would have no variety at all, every contest performance of a piece would sound like "the definative" cd version.. and (no offence) but we would have a lot of shit recordings floating about!!! I think it is great to hear different conductors/bands takes on pieces. Although I have had to put up with my dad playing this cd around the house for the last 2 months!!!!!!!
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    The second volume has arrived in stock today.
    Subtitled The Salvation Army Connection, the disc features significant works originally written for exclusive use of Salvation Army bands but now available to all.

    The track listing is as follows;
    The Founder's Hymn (Ellis)
    The Liberator (Marshall)
    Exodus (Ball)
    Just As I Am (Heaton)
    Concertino for Band and Trombone (Leidzen) Soloist; Dudley Bright
    The Light of the World (Goffin)
    The Holy War (Steadman-Allen)
    Covenant (Broughton)
    The Present Age (Condon)
    Victors Acclaimed (Coles)

    We will have the CD on our trade stand at the British Open on Saturday.
    If you are not going to be there, then it's available on our website now by clicking HERE
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    Are there good programme notes included as well?

    Cheers :)
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    Programme notes are by Ronald W. Holz and are excellent, as we have come to expect from him.
  6. Naomi McFadyen

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    :D Fantastic! Thanks! :-D
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    Thanks for that, Peter.
    Any chance of moving this topic to the Professional Traders section?
    Many thanks in anticipation.

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