The Haynes style guide to ‘the dep’

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by b-flatcharlie, Feb 14, 2010.

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    Did you get to the bottom of it?

    I didn't, what a boring twunt.....
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    The sensible ‘Turing test’ is back temporarily.

    The middle part of the anecdote is boring when the author talks about recycled computers and smugness I have to agree Bayerd. It’s not always feasible (for trumpet/brass/virtuoso/soloists) to show this or even over do it on stage where possible.
    At least the author would have been better not to in his anecdote ‘elaborate’ having deputed, even if he is a professional musician. Perhaps this is mainly a thing with saxophone players but there are few who like a bighead.
    However the rest of Steven Howard’s article (I think it’s his work) is relevant to anybody of any ability who does or has done deputy work.

    Before I get attacked by a saxophone or shofar horn from nowhere, I say on the contrary this is my own analytical if not critical opinion.

    I type no more.

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    :clap: Halleluja!

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