The Great Northern Brass Arts Festival 2010 OR Brighouse, wow!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by matti_raz, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Well seeing as no one else has mentioned it yet, I thought I'd chime up and ask if anyone else was at the Bridgewater last night? And were they as simply stunned by Brighouse as me and those sat around me (behind the bands) were?

    The performance of last weeks test piece was proof that if they click on the contest stage they will be nigh on unbeatable.... and the band sound in the Suite Gothique was simply unreal.... Perhaps the best I've heard....

    Fodens and Dyke were no shame to hear but Brighouse grabbed you and kept you from start to finish, a band hurt by the result last week perhaps??? Either way one that I'll put my PaddyFlower pounds on for London to be sure....
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    Thanks for the extremely positive comments-the guys were obviously disappointed last weekend with the result but have spent an intensive couple of months that we feel are beginning to pay dividends and the band will hopefully carry on going from strength to strength. Lots of really nice comments coming back and nice that our hard work is being appreciated!
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    Well done Brighouse!!!