The Grand Shield - live from Blackpool

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    Congratulations to Nigel and Aveley

    Well done to all members of the Aveley and Newham band showing that players from the south of England can beat the so called better players from up North from Ian(former member of the City of Oxford Band) .Will definetly be there to support you at the Open later in the year:)
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    Congrats to A&N and good luck in Sept.

    I am disappointed with the result of my band, T, we came 15th although the players I spoke to were pretty happy with the way we played.

    Unlike some of our previous results I don't feel gutted though as strange as it may seem having the composer in the box makes me much more philosophical about the result after all only he truely knows how he intended the piece to be played.

    On previous point I heard Tredegar, who I thought were pretty good and as a Trom player I am probably biased but thought their solo trom player was their outstanding player. I did think it strange though that the more technical cornet solos were played by the 2nd man down who did split a few, through it looked to me just trying too hard. Having heard Tregegar, Leland Besses and Carlton Main I thought they would be placed higher.
  3. TheMusicMan

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    hehe... now that would be telling wouldn't it...:) :clap::D
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    - that's Jonathan Pippen, one of our fellow tMPers! :)
  5. TheMusicMan

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    ... and one of the best trombone players around too!
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    Grand Shield Results

    Big Congratulations to Aveley and Newham.
    It's about time we had a London band back in the Open!
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    I AM the fat lady! :tongue: Tee heee!!! :)
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    I loved playing with Polysteel yesterday!!

    As people have already said, we came off stage so pleased, didn't think it could have gone any better than that! Just a shame it was a number 1 draw really! :( never mind!

    As for what 4br said about Dan (the flugel) blasting his solo... hmm!! NO WAY! Dan is amaaaaazing, and played amazing!! So proud :biggrin: lol!
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    yeh danny winder was amazing just filled the hall, also the fat lady on horn!! wasnt bad either! see you soon vik bring on the masters.

    Ps certain members of our band were still in the bar at 5 o'clock this morning! scary thought that!
  10. Massive thanks to Ian Porthouse for what was an extremely emotional days contesting yesterday after his mother sadly passed away on Thursday night. It's amazing how professional he was in taking the band to 5th place and I'm sure I speak on behalf of all at Pennine in thanking him for giving 110% at such a difficult time.
  11. PS - beer in Blackpool Winter Gardens = crrrrrrrap

    PPS - why, out of all the 20 thousand times I've visited Blackpool, has it NEVER been warm?!?!?!

    PPPS - for future reference, if anyone would like me to PM them the name of a hotel NOT to book in future contests, due to nil central heating, a shower, which frankly, i could urinate faster and warmer than, a breakfast which probably cost 10p to make and yet charged £50 for the weekend, and an owner who I'm sure has made an appearance on Little Britain before time, then I'm more than happy to oblige :)
  12. TheMusicMan

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    I take it that you didn't like your hotel then Helen, eh!
  13. yes well if I had my way I would say what I really thought of it... and you know you don't want that!!!
  14. TheMusicMan

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    I think your description of the shower was quite descriptive enough Helen thank you... hehehe
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    I remeber the one year when it was the Ciswo contest and there was wallpaper on the ceiling coming off - YUK!
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    'H', I think you said it for all of us...thanks too to Prof King for coming down at short notice Friday night to take the final rehearsal...tricky for him and tricky for us!

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    Fair comments from 4BR, just too many splits to win the contest, but thats all that was wrong, or all i heard from the stage. Ensemble and Sound were great for me.
  18. JonP

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    Thank you very much. :)
  19. JonP

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    Greatest sympathys to Ian Porthouse at what must be a very diffucult time.
    His professionalism is an example to us all.
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    Hmm, I think I've stayed there......