The Golden Trumpet and where can I buy one?

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    Hi there

    This is an interesting one and I know you will have an answer or I hope you do.

    I have looked up Boban Markovic on the web (he is on at the BRASS festival in Durham) and found a film clip of him winning the 'Golden Trumpet' but what kind of 'trumpet' is he playing? I have not seen anything like it here! Looks and sounds great but please can someone tell me more? Who makes it and has anyone played one and what do you think? Can you buy one here and if so is it worth a shot!

    I am going to see him in Durham but I am interested in this now so I can practice to play at the festival if you think it is worth getting one.

    Brassy Boy!
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    I like the bit in the biog that says

    ...Always performing full power like a stadium Rock act, the band is a surefire highlight for your wedding
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    Must be a blooming big wedding judging from the size of crowds he gets!

    Have you heard him play? It could explain why his trumpet is golden and not brass! The traditionalists may not go for the music but you have to admit its damn hot playing.

    Thank's David for your advice, it is most kind of you. I will get onto it!

    Has anyone out there played one? I have just discovered a documentary call Guca which is about a festival in Serbia where the small town of Guca pop 6,000 is invaded for two weeks every year by 200,000 brass fans and Boban Markovic is the big star of the show! Some wedding!

    If only we had a brass festival like that!

    I have got my Mnozil tickets now, as it would seem have quite a few others! Boban on the following weekend is a free event so will be there for that and it should be well worth it!

    I have just seen that the Fairey Band have been booked for the Wednesday and I am waiting to see who else is booked before I decide to stay over or not.

    I am wondering if there will be enough of us there to make a great week's holiday of it!

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    Sadly I won't be able to go to the concert because of my own commitments but I believe that the Guca festival is a unique event. Have you a copy of the documentary? I have read that there is a documentary called Iag Bari and an official DVD by the Fanfare Ciocarlia. I have also read the book by Garth Cartwright on the festival and it is more social than competitive. According to Boban Markovic he has not competed at the event for some time, but his son Marko has successfully taken the crown of late. The whole appreciation of band music over there is on a different level since it has more meaning in the community and this may have a little to do with the soviet restriction on music during their occupation. However there are loads of village bands over there in Serbia, Romania (Moldavia) and Macedonia that are outstanding. Obviously there is also the Fanfare Ciocarlia, Naat Valiov and then kiki bend, the band that used to be called the Saban Bajramovic Orkestar.

    I don't know what instrument he plays on but have seen one advertised on ebay for £50!! He is a fantastic player...wish I could hear him live.
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    Wow! That's great stuff, loads of info. I understand Boban has won the Golden Trumpet so many times he stood down from entering. His son Marko will also be playing on the bill in Durham so you can see them both. I also believe there will be some other serbian/serbian style bands there as well.

    Do please pass the word around about the festival as I am keen as many people get to join us there as pos it will be a fantastic event and if it is to happen every year we will have to support it.'

    Sorry but I don't have the DVD or I would have loand it to you. I managed to borrow a copy so it does exist on DVD and it was great to watch! It is going to be shown at the Festival so I believe.

    £50 sounds too good to be true though I bet it was! I wonder what they are like to play?