"The Glaswegian"

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  1. DaveBBb

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    I'm looking for the score and parts for the quick march "The Glaswegian" composed by J.H. Howe. Anyone got any ideas where I might get a copy?
  2. Gorgie boy

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    No but I know where you can by some "see you Jimmy" wigs!
  3. SteveT

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    Jimmy Howe was director of music Scots Guards for quite a while. You might try the Scots guards Band librarian or kneller hall! However, he may have written it before joining them!
  4. brassneck

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    The march certainly exists in military band format, as this Youtube video reveals (march is about 3:46 into footage).

  5. DaveBBb

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    Thanks Stephen and Brassneck. Yes, I know it exits 'cause I used to play it way back in the 1960's with the Band of the Scottish Gas Board. The BSGB was a Glasgow based Champion Section Band at the time and 'The Glaswegian' was our signature tune. We played it at every concert, march and broadcast (in those days the Scottish Home Service) (ho ho). I'll follow up your suggestion Stephen and try the Army.

    The reason that I am looking for it is that my current Band (Thurcroft Welfare) are thinking about producing a second CD based on the Brass music of the UK and as the march representing Scotland I thought of 'The Glaswegian' which is a brilliant march written by a brilliant composer.

  6. DaveBBb

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    Drawn a total blank on this one so far. Surely there is at least one Band got 'The Glaswegian March' by JH Howe in it's library? The Military Bands have not been too helpful as yet.
  7. DaveBBb

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    After months of searching, thanks are due to Robert McCorkell, band manager of the Glasgow based 'Co-op Funeral Care Band', for a manuscript version of this classic march. I have now transcribed it and it will feature on Thurcroft Welfare Band's forthcoming CD.