The Girl From Ipanema and Haydn's Trumpet Concerto

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  1. Hi for my A-level recital I'm playing The Girl From Ipanema and Haydn's Trumpet Concerto (first movement). I've got the playing bit alright now but apparently I have a 3 minute questioning on these two pieces so i was wondering if anyone knew anything about them? Anything would be useful really, context, style analysis etc. Thanks!
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    And some info about the Haydn can be found HERE
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    The big thing to remember about the Haydn is that it wasn't written for a trumpet (or cornet) as we know it. The keyed trumpet, for which it was written, is a very different beast.

    You owe it to yourself to hear this piece played on the "correct" instrument. Crispian Steele-Perkins has a gorgeous recording on one of these instruments - well worth obtaining.

    There are other forums (dedicated to trumpet playing) where I am sure you would get discussions about the concerto, if you are interested. PM if you want to know where else you can chat about trumpet music.

    One thing I will say about the Haydn - get the Ed Tarr edition - not only does this have an excellent passage beforehand about the historical context, it is also the most widely accepted scholarly performer's edition with regard to articulation and dynamics.
  6. Thanks a lot for all that information! Hate to sound cheesy but tmp really is amazing.
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    Cant believe you only just realised that.
    Why do you have to know about the music?
  8. Because they're gona ask me questions about it... Joyous
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    yeh but why?
  10. How did i know you were going to say that... I dont know? To extend the agony perhaps?
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    I'm possibly going to play the second Movement of the Haydn too! The viva voce is just 3 questions like: how do you produce vibrato? and maybe some information about the composer! But nothing to worry about! ;)
  13. An examiner once told a student at my school that ur sposed to know about the pieces your playing in the same level of detail as the set works...i really do think thats over the top tho :| Hopefully I'll get some nice easy questions though like 'what key is this in?' Wahoo! I was gona do the 2nd movement but i reckoned id mess it up by getting far to nervous...on the first mvt u can just blast it out!
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    Please tell me you are joking:)

    Aim for a more delicate style of playing, even when ascending up to the higher passages - listen to the guys who play the Haydn on keyed trumpet and the last thing you will ever find is "blasting." Pure refinement is the name of the game, blasting can be left in the bandroom;)
  15. Hahaha...way to make me feel about 2 foot tall :| What i meant by blasting is its forte rather than piano as it is in the second movement. OK?