The End Of Football Draws

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Terrible Timp, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Terrible Timp

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    I heard on the radio last night that the Football League at a recent meeting we discussing the idea made by the league chairman, to scrap all draws in the Football league introducing insted if the game is tied.....PENALTY SHOOTOUTS !!!
    The idea being that the winner of the shootout gains a bonus point !

    You can see more here

    I'm presuming i'm not the only one on here that thinks it's rediculous and that if it's introduced will see an end to the beautiful game we all love ???
  2. PeterBale

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    I certainly hope this idea is quickly (if you'll forgive me mixing my sports!) kicked into touch. Apparently the suggestion was that penalties be taken at the end of a tied game, the "winner" to receive one extra point. According to the paper today, the Premiership have threatened to block promotion from the Championship if this is adopted :eek:

    I definitely see no reason to change the status quo: many drawn games are extremely exciting, and to end with a penalty shoot-out would be such an anticlimax - think for example of the Liverpool-Everton 4/4 draw just before Dalgleish left, or any other game where one team has clawed its way back to draw level, only to lose a point via the lottery of the penalty spot.

    (and before anyone jumps in, I know my example above was a cup game, but it was the first instance of an exciting draw that sparng to mind :) )
  3. andyp

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    Stupid idea. Penalties are (mostly) a lottery, and if this is supposed to add "entertainment" whoever thought that should be fired..
    It might add "entertainment" when it's the difference between winning a World Cup and losing, but on a wet Wednesday night in the back of beyond it's just plain irritating. If you're going to do that why bother with the previous 90 minutes? Why not just have a "Penalty League"?
  4. Andy Moore

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    Worry not. It will not happen.