The East Riding of Yorkshire Band completes their line up for the areas

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  1. a very flat b

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    The East Riding of Yorkshire Band and their Musical Director Peter Andrews are pleased to announce that the band has filled all seats in preparation for the North of England Regional Championships.
    The band welcomed 11 new signings:
    Repiano Cornet - Chris Theaker (Barrow Concert)
    Flugal – Mike Wauldby (Barton Town)
    2nd Cornet – Hannah Cook (Unattached)
    3rd Cornet – Shirley Levitt (Cottingham)
    Emma Robinson (Unattached)
    2nd Horn – John Whittles (Cottingham)
    1st Baritone - James Johnson (Ex Solo Euphonium Aunt Bessie’s East Yorkshire Brass)
    BBb Bass – Adrian Bell (Cottingham)
    Percussion – Richard Brabbs (Ex Cottingham and E Y M S).
    Alexander Cook (Unattached).
    Emily Thompson (Unattached)
    The Band is extremely please to have weathered the recent recruitment problems. Here’s looking forward to renewed success starting in Darlington.
  2. yorkie19

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    Congratulations on filling the band. It's good to see Adie playing again.

    All the best for Darlington.
  3. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    Well done guys - good work over the last few months - Good luck in darlington!
  4. Bobobear

    Bobobear New Member

    Well done, it can't have been easy to fill all those chairs and good luck at the regionals.

    ps does this mean that Cottingham are band building again?! ;-)
  5. yorkie19

    yorkie19 Active Member

    Without wanting to de-rail EYB's thread (so apologies to Ian, Mike and anyone else involved with the band), the last I heard was that Cott had (sadly) folded.

    I understand that 6 members of the band are playing at Barton at the Areas.
  6. a very flat b

    a very flat b Member

    This is as I understand it, very sad.

    There has been no official communication from Cott. so I have avioded any speculation.

    Anyway thanks everyone for your kind comments.
  7. silver surfer

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    well done ian have a good trip to india phil

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