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Are the Dyke the Kings of Brass at the moment?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe

  1. ComeOnTheDyke

    ComeOnTheDyke New Member

    Who here thinks the Dyke are the best band in the land?
  2. lynchie

    lynchie Active Member

    well, certanly not the judges at the nationals...

    they're definitely up there, but there are other bands who are up there as well. I don't think you could single out one as the best around.
  3. Hornblower RN

    Hornblower RN Member

    If nothing else they are certainly the most presentable band on any contest stage! 8)
  4. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    They are the Liverpool FC of banding. A massive history, stars in every chair, a great conductor but never seem to get it quite right. Despite that, i still regard them as the greatest brass band around even if they dont win the major contests. Maybe being the greatest doesnt mean being the best!? :? There is something about the name, the history, the presence on stage and the pretty jackets that makes you sit in awe. And they can play a bit as well!!
  5. leisa

    leisa Active Member

    i am a dyke groupie!!!! hehe do u play for dyke? just assumin
  6. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    I agree with Steve, they may not win everything but I still consider them to be the best (or at least one of the best) bands around.
  7. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    Dyke certainly are a top notch band: but what do you base the opinion on? Contest results, concert performances, CD sales, clap-o-meter :lol: ?

    My personal favourite is YBS. I base my judgement on quality of sound in general (ensemble sound in horns and basses in particular) and general level of performance in both concert and contest (they were a class apart at the open in my view).

    I suppose the standard is that high in the UK that you have to really nit-pick when you compare the top six or so bands but Dyke for my taste are just a bit to 'grand' sounding at times (don't like the basses pedalling everything personally) which for me, does not suit everything they play.

    This is not to say I don't like or criticise them, they are a great band who I don't believe I could be capable of playing for, even though I play for top 20 ranked band.

    The world would be boring if we all thought the same I guess :D

  8. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    A band with a reputation such as Dyke is always going to be up against it, with everyone having very high expectations, and almost waiting for them to slip up. There will also be those who will constantly be comparing the present band with its previous incarnations.

    Without a doubt, on their day Dyke can bring off something really special - whether it will please an adjudicator is another issue! I do wonder sometimes, however, whether some of the bands are so busy with various projects that a little complacency can creep in. With players of such a high standard, who are no doubt able to sight-read much of the new music they are presented with, there could be a danger of things being underprepared, and I must confess to being slightly disappointed in one or two of their recordings in the past year or so - not that they are bad by any means, just that I was expecting more.

    Are they the best? I think they are certainly the band to beat, and I for one would go all out to hear them if they were in my area, and that speaks for itself.
  9. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    I don't think any one band is "the best" at the moment, but Dyke are definitely in my top 5, and one of the bands I would go out of my way to hear in concert (the others are Fairey, YBS, Corey and Grimethorpe). I think the Liverpool analogy is spot on!
  10. I think that the Dyke have had some shocking, rubbishy, pooey draws over the last couple of years.
    The are a great outfit to listen to and that Michelle Ibbotson girl is a complete doll.
    mmmm marmite on toast
  11. Aidan

    Aidan Active Member

  12. :shock: you obviously know the Dyke personnel then... (?!)
  13. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    Lol! That seemed quite random to me!
  14. beard_4b

    beard_4b Member

    Not quite the Man United then :wink:

    Cory have just as bigger presence on stage as dyke, an they do better in contests, and their jackets are even prettier. so no dyke are't the best band ever! :wink:
  15. ComeOnTheDyke

    ComeOnTheDyke New Member

    very well said "yourmoothersfatandold"

    The Nationals draw for them (about TWO WEEKS ago) was especially bad, any later I personally felt they could have won it on the day
  16. yorkyboy

    yorkyboy Member

    Liverpool will show Man Utd on sunday though!!! Come on you Reds!!!
  17. johnflugel

    johnflugel Active Member

    [quote The Nationals draw for them (about TWO WEEKS ago) was especially bad, any later I personally felt they could have won it on the day[/quote]

    I disagree....I did not even attend the contests but have read the adjudicators remarks and even though they seemed to like some of the stuff Dyke did, it seems that they were not convinced by the interpretation and it clearly wasn't what they were looking for. I don't think the draw had as much to do with the result as everyone is making out.

  18. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    It seems we are all going to have our independent opinions then and we'll never agree with each other.
    Everyone has their different opinions about band's etc.

    I would have liked to see someone else win the Nationals this year, although i am very pleased for Fairey's for getting a double year win (and it'd be cool if they make it a triple next year), i'd have like to see another band be crowned National Champ's. Then again it's the band that deserves the title on the day.

    Hmm, think i'm rambling!
  19. Seedhouse

    Seedhouse Active Member

    I agree that it is unfair to enforce a decision when you haven't been at the contest to hear the bands.

    "ComeOnTheDyke" do you play for Dyke, it'd be easier if we knew who your are/ who you play for etc. If your a Dyke player we'll know that you may be being a bit biased towards your own band (like we all are so i'm not criticising)
  20. meeglioni

    meeglioni New Member

    I think that it's clear to everyone that Dyke are the best. I have already gone on record as saying that G. Daniel (2nd Baritone) is fantastic and good lucking, but he is also a true motivator - the section hugs are a prime example. I also think that the Flugel player (is his name John Doyle?) is the best looking guy that Ive ever seen.

    Also, Liverpool are the best.

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