The Drop, Simon Dobson

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by stevetrom, May 7, 2007.

  1. stevetrom

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    I did'nt get to Birmingham, did anyone hear the B section, if so what are you views on the piece?
  2. MRSH

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    I didn't get to hear it either but I spoke to three keen and involved band folk who were all of the same opinion - that it really wasn't very good and it pained them to listen to it. (Self censored as what they really said wouldn't get past the tMP bleeper :eek: ).
  3. PeterBale

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    I have to disagree with the previous comments: whilst not to everyone's taste, I enjoyed "The Drop", and two of the bands had a good go at it, the third seeming rather frightened by the experience! Simon was ever-present over the weekend, and gave a useful expanation of some of the techniques used, whilst explaining that he had not in any way tried to copy the actual sound of Drum and bass. I found the merging of some of the sections very effective, and would certainly look forward to hearing it again.
  4. JR

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  5. Colin D

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    I enjoyed listening to it, and in particular I thought Phoenix played it (along with the rest of their programme) really well. I'd echo PeterBale in saying that I'd like to hear it again. If you have a band (of any level) that's willing to try something a bit different at their next big "do" then this would be worth a look (in my own humble opinion!). It's only 5 minutes long, so if the audience don't like it you can soon win them back!
  6. stephenmrry

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    I really enjoyed it i have to say it was an interesting piece! I thought Phoniex began to run out of steam during their version and hence i had Laganvale above them however i thought The Italians did a marvelous job and will be worth checking out on the cd which im sure will feature the drop.
  7. simonbassbone

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    So what sort of standard band would be needed? I'd guess 2nd section or above, did anyone see the score?
  8. stephenmrry

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    I didnt see the score but i think its possible with second section band but prob first section if u want it done really really well and better still you will want a band with open minds cause its not a piece that u can approach in a simple way in my opinion u need to really get into it to play it well and negativity will get u no where with it!!
  9. MRSH

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    I didn't comment - I was passing on comments from three people I spoke to who had listened to the three bands.
  10. Lotta

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    Thanks!! :) Nice to hear some feedback. Its a piece that definatley grows on you! At first we didnt like The Drop as it was just so different to anything we have ever played. But we shouldn't have been so quick to judge! The piece challenges every member in the band so there is no where to hide! I personally would say its a 2nd section standard piece.

    I don't know if its an audience friendly piece. We had a concert yesterday and thought about playing it... in the end we stuck to floral dance!

    What I wanna know is for you audience members, did you hear the crackling cd in the background?!
  11. I played through it once, about a fortnight before the contest, with Laganvale. Being an "old before my time" fuddy-duddy, I have to admit I didn't like the piece, although I am sure it would become a bit of a grower, as that is usually the case with me (Hell, I didn't like "St Magnus" before I played that!)....

  12. PeterBale

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    The cd could be heard quite clearly and I personally felt it added to the impact of the piece: it was never intrusive, but I liked the way it suddenly emerged again in the middle as the texture cut down to flugel alone.
  13. Colin D

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    Depends on your audience!

    An adjudicator at an entertainments contest I went along to last year lamented the fact that out of the 8 bands that played, he'd only heard two pieces of original music for brass band. Music like "The Drop" provides something a bit different, but you need an enthusiastic band to make it sound like a piece of music and not an arbritary run through in order to try and win a few plaudits.

    I think it would be a real shame if this piece was placed in the "test-piece" category for all time, a fate that has befallen a number of fantastic pieces of music that happen to be a bit longer than the norm and test a band just that bit more than the usual concert repertoire.