The death of own choice contesting !

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  1. The Godfather

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    I was interested to note that North West Contests intend to combine the Fleetwood, Northern Open and Guildhall events into one spectacular contesting festival. Their reasons for this move are no doubt justified, explained, and considered. However, having discussed what appeared to be a solution to lack of entrants, lack of sponsorship, etc with my uncle Percy, (He's deeply involved in North West banding). He is outraged by the prospect of the limited choice of test pieces, and sees this as a further nail in the contesting coffin! 'too soon after the summer hols for lower section bands to do either set piece' he says, and furthermore, 'Our band's not going on them terms!' Well North Banders, is Percy right, will this be welcomed with resounding approval, or reduced entries?
  2. Dick Bone

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    The North Wes Area Brass Band Association (NWABBA) already run the successful Buxton contest and are running a revived contest in Rochdale in October and both of these are own choice so it is far from dead!
  3. The Godfather

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    I make that +1 -3 Dick, and that's based on the loss of Tameside, Fleetwood, and St Helens. Don't get me wrong, the revival of the Rochdale contest is to be applauded. Certainly not dead but in decline?
  4. Dick Bone

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    Very true but with hard work we will try and buck the trend!
  5. Anno Draconis

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    Better to have one well run, well financed contest in a decent venue than three rubbish ones. Fleetwood was the cruddiest contest in the history of banding, I hated it every time I played or conducted there. Tameside was only marginally better, and then only when it was in Dukinfield town hall, the Hippodrome wasn't a good venue. St Helens was OK apart from (last time I played there) having to get changed across the road and then run over to registration, usually in the pi$$ing rain. Don't get me wrong, I know the people who ran them grafted like trojans on all three contests, but they were hamstrung by a lack of money, poor facilities and dwindling support from bands. And yes, contesting is in decline - that's because while the world has moved on around it, the average brass band contest is still set up as it would have been in 1951.

    Tempora mutantur and all that...
  6. Ianroberts

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    that is every contest I have ever played at !
  7. James Yelland

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    Well, in the UK anyway. Some of these foreign chaps have been tinkering with the format left, right and centre, what with open adjudication, big screens, streamed broadcasts, and some of them even demand that the participants are members of their respective national associations! I mean, it's just not British!
  8. Ianroberts

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    I think it was St Helens the year before last that you had to ascend numerous flights of stairs to get to registration in what seemed like the loft, than descend them again to play all I can say is it was a good job no members of the band were either disabled or elderly.
  9. scraig

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    You are all welcome to the Adam Smith centre on Sat 27th Sept to the Fife Charities Band Association OPen Contest, not only is it own choice test piece you get to play a march and a hymn tune as well and will see another example of a very well run contest. Just ask for a schedule.............. Tongue very much in cheek
  10. Dick Bone

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    Quick reminder the Rochdale Contest is taking place on Sunday 26th October at the Town Hall. 28 Bands all playing their own choice test piece fun starts at 9.30 am
  11. DS2014

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    Is it really "own choice" if the bands "choose" to play either the Butlins or Areas test piece?
  12. Dick Bone

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    I think you are confusing Rochdale contest (next weekend) with the Preston Guild Hall event in February when bands play one of 2 choices.

    Rochdale contest being run by NWABBA is the same as Buxton a completely free own choice contest. In April at Buxton 21 bands played and there was no duplication of choice of piece. We can't promise that every time but with 28 bands playing at Rochdale Town Hall there will be plenty of variation for the audience to enjoy!

    Tickets on the door only £5 for the whole day!