The Dark Side of the Moon (3rd Section Test Piece)

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by brass_master99, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. brass_master99

    brass_master99 New Member

    Can I please ask of people's opinions of this piece? I personally thought of it as the best test I have ever played, but having asked around a bit, opinions are mixed as to it's difficulty and likability!

  2. DMBabe

    DMBabe Supporting Member

    I like it! But then we won on it...... :D
  3. james80g

    james80g New Member

    I think its a fantastic piece. I played it at the session before the area where Roy Roe and Roy Newsome demonstrate to conducters the finer points of the piece at the time I was in a first section band and played the 1st, 2nd and 3rd section test pieces and by for the most entertaining and musical piece was Dark Side of the Moon
  4. TenorhornHolder

    TenorhornHolder New Member

    Haven't played it but remember enjoying listening to the first four or five bands playing it at the 3rd section L&SC regionals.
  5. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    There will probably be more opinions than there are stars on the thread where it was discussed as the area piece...have a search....
  6. JPCoulson

    JPCoulson Member

    We have played it quite a few times in own choice contests and for sure it is a good piece. The only problems to be honest is that a lot of adjudicators havent heard much of it before (albeit being a set piece at the areas) and probably dismiss it too easily at contests. The good adjudicators ask to see the score before hand and have a good look through it.

    Also it is a hard piece to place in a section, we entered second section contests and it held its own in it but as it being a winning piece, I'm not so sure.

    Good luck playing it and I'm sure you would enjoy it.
  7. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Seeing as how I've nothing to do apart from digest my post-area takeaway.....

    There ya go :tup

    Incidentally Wingates are probably going to be playing this at the Great Northern Brass Spring festival/concert/thing early in May, if you fancy hearing it played live by a top section band.
  8. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    Personal opinion - sounds great, not so much fun to play (especially for basses, horns and back row). Conducted Coppull on it at a couple of contests, and also did it at a concert where it was very well received.
  9. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    Andy, you forgot trombones, the 'bone parts really aren't fun to play....
  10. Anno Draconis

    Anno Draconis Well-Known Member

    For "forgot" read "try to ignore" ;)
  11. Matt Lawson

    Matt Lawson Member

    I played back row for Emley on this piece and loved it! It was very repetitive at times, especially in the muted section after the lovely cornet solo - but that's the effect he may have wanted. Slow moving melodic lines and harmonies.

    The middle to end section is just great music!
  12. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze Member

    I liked it, really nice piece to listen to aswell as play. It wasn't the most exciting of pieces though and that was on front row so i don't know what other parts are like but i do really like the piece!
  13. beccawheeze2

    beccawheeze2 Member

    Loved it, the band loved but came last with it! Go figure
  14. JCY

    JCY Member

    I love it, it's so atmospheric! Apparently only the front row cornets are really tested though. Having played the solo cornet part with a uni band (loved playing those solos :)) I liked it a lot, but once (for reasons unknown...) I played the Bb bass part and it was basically low C for the whole piece!! (which was handy for me as I can't play Bb bass v well, and now I can play that one note q well ;), but would be boring for anyone who can actually play bass!) The bass trombone was also moaning (a lot) that he had nothing to play. So basically, if you've got a strong front row but weaknesses elsewhere it could be a great contest choice.

    Cake? Yes please......
  15. Sop_Or_Bass?

    Sop_Or_Bass? Member

    Absolutely love this piece; really effective and full of atmosphere. Found it quite testing on the stamina with the corenets (rep & sop alternating breathing) in the quiet passage of quavers that goes on for ever without break. Can understand other areas of the band being bored by their parts, but if played well by the band should enjoy being a part of the piece (can't say the flugel or perucssion players would have enjoyed Labour & Love for instance based on their own parts, but they may have enjoyed the piece as a whole, if you see what I mean).

    Played it when I was at Bream as an own choice test piece for Weston in the 4th section. We were well on form that day, played it really well & came away with a convincing win (that always helps); heard reports it turned a few heads (not stomachs luckily) at the 3rd Section draw that was happening in the next room at the same time!

    Hopefully will play it again as a concert/contest item in a few years time. In the meantime want to play some other favourite test pieces.
  16. Di

    Di Active Member

    There's loads of opinions and a lengthy discussion in the 2008 Regionals category here. :)
  17. Swazzie

    Swazzie New Member

    I think it is an epic brass band piece!
    I love the Bass parts! And the solo horn part is especially lovely :)
    But then again the Lovatt-Cooper pieces I have heard are all really good!
    What else has he done apart from that and the Butlins Championship section test piece, was it Skylines? Or something
  18. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    I agree with you on this but a good piece in general.

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