The complete Whit Friday experience with Fulham Brass Band - 2nd section

Discussion in 'Deputies Wanted' started by Simon_Horn, Jun 12, 2011.

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    Due to some last minute drop outs, Fulham Brass Band require a few players for Whit Friday later this week. Euphonium and tenor horn player required - but we can accommodate players in all sections and generally more the merrier is good! Last year we took 40 players and swapped around on stand - this year, we have less than a full band currently but hopefully can get about 30 players to come along.

    We've booked a hotel close to Denshaw and will be travelling up from London on Thursday evening (16th). We do the Church walks on Friday am and start the band contest about 3pm after some lunch. Then back to the hotel for some supper about 12midnight and more drinks.

    We are a very sociable, young band and like to have fun at Whit Friday whilst aiming to do well in the 2nd section playing Ravenswood.

    If you want to join us travelling up from London or on-route ...or wish to join us in Saddleworth then please give me a shout ASAP.

    Thanks, Simon
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    hopefully picking up a few extras at Northampton services on the M1 :)
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    Last call for bass player or travelling up from London on Thursday and returning Saturday afternoon with pickups on way. Hotel booked and doing Whit walks on Friday am .....more players the merrier! Simon 07796530718