The Complete Conductor??

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  1. matti_raz

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    Does the Prof. King command for you? Or perhaps Father Farr is miles away from anyone else? Dr Childs the best- which one? Sir Stonehouse simply smashing, or Mr Cutt the knife-edge?:biggrin:

    Quite proud of myself for that.......;) Farrs' the elder statesman before you ask, It's the best I could do! :rolleyes:

    Is there one on the circuit today? What would make a complete conductor? Who comes closest? Can there ever be one?
  2. Matt-Trom939

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    I think that if there was only ONE complete conductor then contesting would be very boring as mostly likely this conductors band would win!

    No, i think that all of the conductors youve mentioned and more are top class(i notice you didnt mention the honourable Mr Gray) and have all enjoyed victorys and disapointments.

    They also all charge BIG fees therefor making themselves THE COMPLETE CONDUCTORS :biggrin:
  3. matti_raz

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    I couldn't think of a catchy line for Mr Gray......
  4. WoodenFlugel

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    Perhaps Mr Rimmer edges it, but I think Mr Ball is the most well-rounded...(sorry)

    Well any of those already mentioned, with the addition of messers Snell (gold star to anyone who can come up with an a term for his superiority) and Watson.
  5. eckyboy

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    Craig Anderson is shaping up to be one of the best out of the new ones in MHO with his easy going style at rehearsals and a fantastic ear for detail which would put some of the so-called big names to shame but Ray Farr is probably the top man for me, although Russell Grays record must take some beating recently.


    Taking it in a slightly different way than how they conduct their own bands and what successes they have there, Richard Evans is my fave! When we are at summer school he has a way of relating to all the people there, young or old, top section player or 4th section player. If we are getting stressed at trying to get a particular bit right he stops and tells a joke, then relaxed we play it perfectly (well almost!!).

    I think that sort of aptitude for relating to different people is really important in a conductor as it gets the best out of the players!
  7. matti_raz

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    Does contest success mark out the complete conductor or is it musicality and personality and style??
  8. andywooler

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    Somewhat difficult to judge a lot of the names mentioned unless you have played under them in gigs and rehearsals - what you see during a performance tells only half the story as the way they interract with the players and motivate them during rehearsals is also a big part of being a "complete" conductor.
    Being a southerner who also never attended any of the band friendly colleges, this somewhat limits my perspective on this.

    Of those I have worked with over the years, Richard Evans would be one and of course, my mentor, Kenneth Dennison whom I have had the pleasure of working with for around 20 years now and still learn things from him.
    One who is sadly no longer with us who would also be in the reckoning was Don Morrison - worked with him after he retired to Eastbourne - what a complete gentleman too.
  9. Jan H

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    ^ those things ;-)
    and "people skills", knowing how to motivate people and getting the best out of everyone, whether it is a championship section band, a 4th section band or a youth band.

    It might be difficult to find someone who's good at all these things!
  10. bongo massive

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    Well I have heard many say that it must be a nutsnell! (OK that was very poor but perhaps a silver or bronze star?!):)
  11. stythians_saint

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    David Hirst took us for a couple of rehearsals a year ago which were exceptional; probably the closest ive got to witnessing a complete conductor. A complete conductor would be dull; there would be nothing to moan about in the pub after rehearsals :)
  12. BA Baritone

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    I agree with you Jan_h, of course these people are great conductors but I think that it depends on the players in a band and how they react to the individual conductors style. Some bands don't go play well for intimidating conductors and some do.

    My band had an intimidating conductor for quite a few years and yes he got them to the Championship Section but we were a "yo yo" band. Now we have a conductor that encourages the band and we don feel the pressure as much and due to this we got our best placing for over 21 years.

    Unfortunately up in the North East of Scotland we don't get the opportunity to play for these conductors big names that much.
  13. Anno Draconis

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    Bramwell Tovey. One of the finest musicians I've ever met and a genuinely nice bloke.
  14. Matt-Trom939

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    Graham O'Conner has conducted us on several occasions and he is one of the finest MDs ive ever played under-and ive played under some top class ones. Hes so inspiring and makes you achieve the best of your potential. He has a great sense of humour and you just really enjoy his rehersals, whilst making loads of progress.
  15. Mrs Fruity

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    I agree :) And his work rate is second to none.
    Mr Farr is rather a special conductor, and an absolute musician and perfectionist.
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  16. Matt-Trom939

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    Yes. We had a new conductor who bassically prepared us very badly for the area and then Graham had to come in the week of the contest and fix everything. He put so much work in covering parts in different parts for the empty seats we had and we were worked so hard. All for the cause though.