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    I don't know how I got it, (well actually I do, but let's not go there) but I'm the Bunny, the Bunnster, the Bunnymeister and in formal situations Mr. Bunny.

    Hi, I'm Ben, a tenor hornist hailing from good old Greater London, infact 10 minutes from Heathrow Airport. I've been playing since I was in secondary school, originally cornet, moving to bass to horn. I'm currently 1st horn at the Welwyn Garden City Band.

    I'm doing my A Levels at the moment, starting Year 13 in september, and hope to go on to the Royal Northern College of Music (if I'm good enough!)

    I'm a member of the National Youth Brass Band, and have my 2nd course in less than 4 weeks!! (Vicki scream: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!:tongue:)

    In my spare time I like to compose and arrange, and meet up with crazy Americans who ask me to write solos for them :)p Pat and Di)

    Anyway... I'll be doing my first tMP gig (prolly on 2nd horn :() at Pontins...


    P.s. this is me
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    Something missing there, Ben!!!

    You didn't say which one is you ;)
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    Can someone make it so there's a picture instead of a link?! :cry:
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    Oh, I give up :(
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    Err... yea.. I can do that Dave :p
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    Yeah, trying my best here, but it's not paying attention to the "[ img ]" tags for some reason ;p

    You using hotlink protection on your site at all?
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    I think it's your useage of the spaces in the filenames. You're on a Linux server and they don't like spaces, hence all the "%20" etc. When saving to the server, try and avoid these I think, as I'm not sure that the forum software likes them either ;)
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    Don't think so! :eek:
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    Wahey... got it to work... never mind.. at least I've got the most replies in my thread for the time being!
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    ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGH!!!! :bounce :bounce :woo :woo
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    Right on cue: ;)
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    By the way, its three weeks tomorrow. :rolleyes:

    In case you missed it, Bunny has also just passed his driving test. :biggrin: And to find out how he got his name, check out the Boc Bro archives. :rolleyes: Ben was also a finalist here.
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    Wahey!! NYBB in a Week! And Pontins in 19 days!!
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    hehe see ya next week ben, and in 19 days! :tongue:
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    see you in 13 days :p