The BRASSHOPPERS! Who is who!

Discussion in 'The Auditorium - Concert Details' started by youngblood, Jul 9, 2008.

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    Well if you do not know who these guys are ask around as the band includes members of one of the top bands in the UK.

    OK, I could have said which band but thought it might be a good talking point!

    They are one great act so if you are at the Gala make sure you catch them!

  2. youngblood

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    John Barber: Trombone (ex R.N.C.M., principal with Fodens Brass Band)
    Paul Jones: Alto Saxophone (ex Guildhall, lead Alto with N.Y.J.O.)
    Toby Rathbone: Tenor Saxophone

    Dan Hammerton: Trumpet (Passadena roof Orchestra et al)
    Tony Peers: Trumpet (Supercharge)

    Richard Fox: Tuba (ex City University, Billy Cobham, Maddy Prior Band)
    Brian Hargreaves: Drums (ex Salford College, Casa Latina All Stars)
    Charlie Ashby: Percussion (ex R.N.C.M., Liverpool Philharmonic etc)

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