The Black Diamonds March

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  1. Brian

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    HELP !!! I am M.D. of Bestwood Welfare "Black Diamonds" Welfare Band, for many years we have used the above march that was written for us by Thomas Tomlinson and arranged by Charles A Cooper; it was published by F.Richardson and Co. Sibsey. Boston; who were eventually was taken over by Wright & Round.. For performances we have used the original manuscript parts, and as you can imagine, they are becoming virtually unreadable: I have been in touch with W&R who tell me it has been out of print for a good number of years: Is there any band that has a set of the printed parts to this, that they could loan me to copy (Moderators please note I have had permission from W&R to do this). We know that it was in print during the 1960's, and would appreciate any help to try and obtain a set of copies.
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    Hi, might be worth asking Hayden Cooper if he has a set

    cheers Shaz x
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    Just as an aside Brian I think Bruce Fraser has also done a march called "The Black Diamonds"
  4. Brian

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    Thanks for the thought John, but its not the one I want

    thanks also Sharon, hadn't thought of contacting Haydn
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    Ive found a 'yellowing' march called the 'Black Diamond' by J Whittle in our library but this obviously isn't what you are after.

    Brian, I can't remember ever playing this whilst I was with you in the 70's - did it fall out of favour ?
  6. Brian

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    Hi Ken, yes it wasn't very popular at the time you were here, but since I came back in 2004 I have resurected it. We always played it at the start and close of our concerts, certainly when I joined in 1959 right up to the late 60's early 70's. By the way thanks for looking in your library
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    - if the parts can just be read, why don't you get someone to copy each part into some notation software and create a new set?

    AEHOWGATE Member

    Its on its was to you Brian, I have given it to Steve, one of your Eb Bass players, at buxton fire station. p.s. Don't park your car at buxton fire station, I noticed a few cars broken into! one even had it's roof completely cut off!!
  9. postie

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    Thanks for getting the music for us Aidan it is much appreciated.
  10. Brian

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    Black Diamonds March

    Thanks very much Aidan...hey watch ur car!!! maybe they are practice for the being clamped for parking in the wrong place...lmao
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