The Bitter pill off success!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by WhatSharp?, Aug 2, 2008.

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    I foolishly told my son that if he passed his grade 5 tuba I'd buy him a soft case.... guess what he's just done... with MERIT... ARGH! :) ( actually I'm really pleased!, just a bit skint :( ).....

    Trouble is... I told him I'd get him a new Tuba if he got his grade 8.... umm better start saving now I guess.....:(

    What rash promises have you all made, which you came to regret a bit later....
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    Congatulations on the pass :)

    Last year, when England were playing in the 6 nations and doing really badly I made a bit of a stupid promise to my other half (Essex Elvis)..... He'd joined the band 2 months previously, not realising there were jobs on EVERY single date for the semi, quarter and final rounds. Being a massive rugby fan, he was gutted, but of course wouldn't miss band. Anyway, after listen to him moan about this for weeks on end during the start of the tournament, and JUST as England were doing REALLY badly and looks like they wouldn't even qualify for the next round, we went out for dinner....

    During the course of dinner, and listening to him moan about missing the rugby *again*, I foolishly said

    "Look, England are doing SO badly, they are not even going to make it to the the next round! In fact, I am so confident they wont win the final that if they do, if we ever have children, we can name our first child Elvis!'

    Of course, England went on to make it all the way to the final! Hence a very tense 80 minutes for me!!
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    Count yourself lucky he wasn't a big fan of Mungo Jerry ... :rolleyes:
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    COuld have been a "Dumpies Rusty Nuts" fan or "Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead"
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    This isn't a promise I made but what my dad said...

    When I was about 9 or 10, I went through the usual girly pony mad phase and begged my parents for horse riding lessons. They said no. Eventually, my dad said he'd pay for riding lessons if I could get a letter printed in Horse and Pony Magazine. I bombarded them with letters and two months later, my "Reader Profile" was printed! Hurrah!

    Fortunately for my parents, my pony mad phase didn't really last that long so it wasn't too much of a financial strain and I can now sit on a horse and point it in the right direction as long as it's not going too fast. A useful life skill I think!