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  1. Shaz

    Shaz New Member

    Hi Clair from Just Brass,

    thanks for your reply. It has restored hope and faith once again in me. I'm sorry for the bad feelings and mistrust that has arrisen from this, but as I'm sure you will agree, the time taken for yourselves to receive this DVD has been unbelievable. I expect there will be corks popping when you finally take delivery.;)

    Thanks once again. I hope my next post will be a comment on the DVD and whether I recognise anyone in it!

  2. yank67

    yank67 Member


    Thanks for the info Clair. I will leave my Po-Go stick at home. :clap:

    Happy Paul:D
  3. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Thanks Clair, for explaining what the position is re the DVD. I'm sure I would have seen the christmas closedown notice had I visited your online shop but in fact I had no need to; however a followup post by yourself once it became obvious that the 15th Dec date was untenable would I'm sure have been very much appreciated by all concerned. The lack of regular communication over the 12 months since the event is, I feel, part of the problem.

    Naturally, I don't personally blame Just Brass and I apologise if that seemed to be the case. I understand that BBA had their difficulties too.

  4. JustBrass

    JustBrass New Member

    Dear Andy

    I fully understand the comments of your latest response and gratefully accept your apology.

    On face value, I agree, a follow-up post would have provided a 'latest status' on the situation, but I'm not sure how positive a step it would have been when all we could have said at one point was "They haven't turned up and we don't know why".

    From there, we then received information from a third party that we would receive them during the week of 17th December, hence our individual and optimistic response to "Some Funky User Name" on 18th December. However, due to the repeated misinformation to date, we were extremely wary of posting tMP with yet another promised deadline which may, (and indeed was) missed, until we could be more confident of the information.

    From that point forward, even after the office closure, I was personally attempting to obtain a definitive response about the delivery of the DVDs, with plans afoot for them to be despatched on our behalf. However, my holiday location did not have access to the internet and even required me to stand on a hilltop to achieve any sort of phone signal to make the calls. So, when it became clear that we would not be able to despatch the DVDs until the new year, I was unable to then send a posting to tMP until my return ... which, as you know,is exactly what I did.

    Maybe you still think more could have been done on the communication front, but a business only has so much time and resource available, and I believe we did as much as we were able to amidst our commercial activities in the lead up to Christmas.

    I hope this more detailed explanation (and summary of my holiday activities - hilltop photos available on request!!) will now clarify the judgment calls that have had to be made with regard to the DVD during December/January.

    In an ideal world, the DVDs would have arrived when first promised and the significant extra time, effort and money that has been given and absorbed by Just Brass free of charge would not have been necessary.

    Despite all this - knowing that the sales have raised funds for the work of Brass Band Aid is what has kept us going. So, when we are able to send a posting to confirm that the DVDs have all been sent out, the impact of time and resources on our business, the frustrations, attacks, criticisms, chasing, telephoning, letter and email writing and other related work which has been going on in the background over the last 12 months will have all been worth it!

    With kind regards
  5. JustBrass

    JustBrass New Member


    Just wanted to let you all know that the DVDs arrived safely and the last one has just been packaged up.

    They'll all be sent out by 1st Class Post from a local Sorting Office at about 9.30am, so we hope you'll receive them tomorrow or Monday.

    If your copy doesn't arrive by Wednesday, please let us know by emailing, confirming your delivery address or letting us know if you would prefer to collect it from Butlins.

    Thank you all for your patience - enjoy your viewing!
  6. yank67

    yank67 Member

    Thanks Clair. Can't wait to see it!

    Po-Go stick man
  7. Shaz

    Shaz New Member

    Thanks Clair for that great news.

    Looking at the time of your post, I hope you were not up late packing them for us:(

    Cannot wait to see it.

  8. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Clair, that's great news! Thanks for posting the update; I look forward
    to receiving my DVD...

  9. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    My DVD dropped through my letter box this morning! I didn't make it onto
    the silver screen but several of our band did I think :clap:

    Thanks again Clair and Just Brass,
  10. kerrytoy

    kerrytoy New Member

    I recieved mine the other day, 7 members of my band can be seen. Yay!
  11. Shaz

    Shaz New Member

    Got mine on the Saturday. Our solo horn is on it, along with my hubby and myself!! Was good to show our sons what we were part of.

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