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  1. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Thanks for letting us know Bob - I was getting a little concerned as no receipts were given out at the time. I look forward to receiving the DVD - hopefully the cameraman liked cornet players :->

  2. Shaz

    Shaz New Member

    Hi Bob,

    sorry to keep asking, but any more news on when the DVD might be posted out?:(

  3. yank67

    yank67 Member

    DVD News?
  4. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    Sorry I have not been in touch for a spell, however Ive been in nd out of hospotal over the past couple of months.
    Re DVD, I spoke to Jonathan Handley, Tor Designs, who is organisong this , He advises that the DVD shoud be ready and available in the next 2 weeks.
    Sorry about the delays, and I understand the frustrations..

  5. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Sorry to hear that Bob, I recall you were also in hospital about the time of the event? Hope things are improving for you now...

    We can wait for our DVDs, I'm sure !

  6. kerrytoy

    kerrytoy New Member

    Just wondered if there was any more news about dvd.
    Just cant wait to see it thats all.

  7. yank67

    yank67 Member

    Any chance of seeing this DVD befor the next Minworkers?:oops:
  8. Brassy Lady

    Brassy Lady Member

    Still waiting for the DVD - is there an update on when we will be receiving it? Thanks
  9. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    What's going on? Willl someone please explain why we've been waiting very nearly a whole year for this DVD to materialise? I'm as patient as the next person, and at the end of the day a tenner isn't that much, but I'm beginning to feel done-over and unless we get a satisfactory explanation there's no way I'll be supporting Brass Band Aid again...

    Sorry for the rant, but come on, it's been 10 months since the event now...!

  10. Shaz

    Shaz New Member

    I feel much the same I'm affraid. Please let us know what has happened. Even if it's not good news, at least we will know. It does not reflect well on Brass Band Aid which is a shame as I know that a tremendous amount of good work has been done from the fundraising.
  11. kerrytoy

    kerrytoy New Member

    Me too. All the members off my band are starting to get fed up waiting for our dvds.
  12. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Can we suggest you folks that are waiting for your DVDs to try and contact Brass Band Aid directly, as we notice from our records that the BBA's representative hasn't veiwed this particular thread since July.
  13. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I have now contacted Tor Designs, who I understand was leading the project on behalf of BBA, and I'll report back if I get a reply on this issue.

    In the meantime, could I ask any tMP members who have received their DVD to let us know?

  14. JustBrass

    JustBrass New Member


    To all Big-Blowers

    We are extremely grateful for all your patience and we are sorry that there has been such a delay to the production and despatch of the DVD of The Big Blow 2007 event.


    Just Brass were one of the Official Partners for the event and apart from producing the website and managing online registrations and merchandise sales, we also offered our free of charge services to provide sales facilities for the DVD.

    Whilst the production side of the DVD has been out of our hands we fully support the focus on maximising the money it could raise towards the work of Brass Band Aid. However, following the various unexpected delays in bringing the DVD to you, we realise the inability to obtain informed updates for a considerable time has caused avoidable concerns. In addition, we would like to highlight the fact that Brass Band Aid has had no involvement with the problems leading to the delays and we appeal to you not to rest any responsibility for these on their shoulders. Brass Band Aid continues to work relentlessly towards its objectives and remains a key charity to support.

    Everyone involved in the provision of the DVD leads your enthusiasm for the finished item to be ready. We were, therefore, especially delighted to receive the news that the DVDs should be with us next week. We are now poised, with packaging prepared, to send out all the orders shortly after.

    Should anyone who ordered a DVD have moved address since placing their order, please let us know as soon as possible so we can amend our records. Likewise, if you don't receive your DVD by 15 December, please contact us direct at (inserting "The Big Blow DVD" in the subject line) so we can confirm your delivery details.

    Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience and frustration you have all experienced with the hold-ups and we thank you for your understanding now that the issues seem to have been resolved and we appear to be in a position to complete your orders.

    We thank you for your support of The Big Blow 2007 event and Brass Band Aid.
  15. andyh

    andyh Supporting Member

    Don't you just love the sound of deadlines as they go whooshing by? Good job I wasn't holding my breath as of course I don't have my DVD.

    Nor has Just Brass bothered to reply to my email which I sent as directed above when my DVD had failed to materialise several days *after* the 15th.

    I don't reckon it really exists, you know :mad:

  16. Veri

    Veri Member

    Same with me - no DVD, no reply to email. I would quite like to see it before the next Butlins!
  17. No DVD, but I did get a reply to my email on the 18th December...

    "Thank you for your email. We have been chasing the delivery and have now been told that they should be with us this week. We will shortly put another message on The Mouthpiece to update everyone with the latest situation.
    We are dreadfully sorry for the continued delay, but we are doing everything possible to ensure a speedy despatch as soon as the DVDs arrive at our offices.
    Thank you in advance for your further patience.
    With kind regards,
    Just Brass"

    So will we get them before Butlins this year? Only 13 days to go.
  18. Shaz

    Shaz New Member

    I also have emailed, but with no reply. Thanks for letting us know of your reply 'Some funky user name'.
  19. yank67

    yank67 Member


    You know me, I will be makeing a fuss at the Mineworks. So if anyone sees a big yank jumping up and down at the Just Brass stall you will know why. Heck , if you feel like it you all can come and join me!:biggrin:
  20. JustBrass

    JustBrass New Member

    The Big Blow DVD

    Dear AndyH, Yank67, Shaz, Some Funky User Name, Veri and all other Big Blowers

    Following the Christmas break, Just Brass has only just returned to work today (as notified on our online shop). For this reason, any emails received after Thursday 21st December will have been unread until today. So, we apologise AndyH, Yank67, Shaz and Veri if you felt that our lack of response was unacceptable, but I'm sure you will now understand why this has been the case - it was due to absence rather than because we couldn't be 'bothered' as suggested by AndyH.

    We too are very disappointed with the lack of appearance of the DVD within the timescales we had been given. As stated before, Just Brass is only able to act upon information with which it is provided and in this case, we were extremely hopeful that the information was going to be correct.

    After attempts to obtain the DVDs for despatch within the deadline given or at the very least, before our office Christmas closure, we failed to secure the stock delivery. To avoid anyone being in any doubt about our own enthusiasm to complete this job, we had even made arrangements for a third party to process the packaging and despatching of the DVDs during our office closure if we had been able to arrange receipt of them during that period.

    Whilst we understand and indeed share the continued frustration of all those who have purchased the DVD, we are disappointed that some appear to be resting the blame of the delays on our shoulders. "Shooting the Messenger" is the unfortunate adage that appears to have been awarded here. However, we understand why there is a need to find a focus for some and I suppose we are the obvious and easiest target for this - sad though it is when all we are trying to do is complete the orders.

    From our successful enquiries today, the latest information we have been given is that the DVDs will be delivered to us on Thursday evening of this week. In preparation for this, and to minimise any further delay, we have now made special arrangements for these to be packaged overnight and made ready for despatch on Friday morning - turning them around in a number of hours rather than days. In line with the information we currently have to hand, this should mean that you will receive your DVDs on Saturday or Monday, depending on Royal Mail's part in the process.

    Should we receive any further information which could indicate the delivery to our offices being delayed past Thursday evening, I will let you all know via tMP. However, as far as we have been made aware and contrary to AndyH's closing comment, The Big Blow DVD very much exists and will be despatched on Friday morning to everyone who purchased a copy either at the 2007 event or online/post/fax via the Just Brass Online Shop.

    In the meantime, we would like to thank all those customers who have offered their support and confirmed their new or existing details. Individual responses will be sent out separately now that we are back at work, but should anyone wish to discuss their individual order privately, please do not hesitate to contact me directly via PM or

    Likewise, I would be happy to discuss the matter further should you wish to visit the Just Brass trade stand at the 2008 Butlin's contest. However, 'jumping up and down' will be an unnecessary requirement unless of course you are a visiting kangaroo or pogo-stick user.

    Once again, I would like to thank you all in advance for your continued patience and understanding in this project and I look forward to sending a post to The Mouthpiece which will confirm the successful despatch of the DVDs on Friday.

    With kind regards,

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