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    Yea i am 22.

    I believe the confussion would have been caused by the "little boy" trombone comment being in the same paragraph as mentioning, as timbloke put it, "the world famous Yorkshire Imperial David Urquart Travel Silver Prize Band" or Imps if you will.

    But yea im 22.
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    The Big Blow was fantastic. The music was brilliant. I found that it was a really up beat piece of music and it was good to listen to all the differently talented brass players in the room. Fantastic!
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    Hi People How do you know where I can Buy the March for my band.
    Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend I did.
  4. DanielFloyd

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    Good to be part of TMP
    Chat soon
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    You can buy the March, The Big Blow, from Just Music or Brass Band Aid. These are the only two I know of.
  6. DanielFloyd

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    Thanks. Nice to meet you did you have a good weekend.
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    brilliant! thanks. I had a great weekend. good entertainment!
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    Could anyone tell me when the DVD of 'The Big Blow' will be sent?

    (Hope this question hasn't already been asked - couldn't see it anywhere!)
  9. Bob Thompson

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    Hi Shaz,
    As far as I am aware, the DVD is in process and should be available in the next 3-4 weeks.
  10. Bob Thompson

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    Euph players from Whitwell??

    Hello Tmp'ers
    You can begin viewing some of the pictures taken over the weekend at Butlins Skegness, Ive just started loading them on and there are lots more to come.
    See if you can spot yourself, and who are the two euph players from Whitwell Band, are those hats part of the uniform?

    You can view the pics by following the link in the news section on the frontpage of the BBA website.

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    The Big Blow - Music and DVD

    The Big Blow 2007
    Music and DVD now available to order!

    Hopefully, there'll be a much bigger announcement in User Subscribed News section shortly, but just to let you know that the Music played at the event and performed by the BBA Celebrity Band on the Friday concert, together with the DVD can now be ordered from The Big Blow website at!

    The Music played at The Big Blow, now renamed 'Zephyrus' (the Greek God of the west winds!) is priced at just £19.95 and the DVD is £10.00 (both prices include postage and packing).

    The music will be available for despatch on 10th February and the DVD should be available to send out to customers at the end of February/beginning of March depending on editing and production times.

    Both are great items whether you were part of the event or not! Both are great fund-raisers to help make a difference in Adet, Ethiopia where Brass Band Aid are focussing their efforts into the building and equipping of a school.

    Thanks in advance for your continued support.

    The Music Company
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    No, there won't be! But check the Classified Ads section. ;)
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    Apologies for the misdirection of this news item. Because of the charitable fund-raising element for both these items we got carried away with the news side and overlooked the fact it should have gone into a more appropriate area.

    Many thanks for moving it to the Classifieds Section.
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    They're Ryan and Tony, and when they see you've mentioned it Bob, they'd want it to be part of the uniform!! ;)
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    Is there any more news on this? I paid for my DVD at Butlins and it would be good to know if they will be sent out anytime soon...

  16. Bob Thompson

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    Hi Andy,
    I have checked today re the DVD. I am advised that the final editing has been completed and the DVD is on its way for mastering and then production. It is hoped that the finished article will be sent out by the end of this month. Sorry it isnt any sooner, but its out of our control to a large extent.
    Having said that we were told early late Feb early March, so its not that far out!

    Hope this is ok Andy.
  17. andyh

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    Thanks Bob, it's good to hear that things are progressing. Looking forward to seeing some more pictures of the Big Blow too if you have any, as there weren't any of the cornet section on the website :)

  18. Bob Thompson

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    Cornet section

    The reason there are no photies of the cornets is quite simple, I dislike cornet players with a passion second only to gazzoo's!

    But seriously.......ha ha....I shall have a look at what I have and post more pics on the BBA site.
    Im not sure exactly what I have, given I wasn't actually there, sadly, so I have relied upon others who had cameras with them.
    Indeed if anyone who took part in the event and have pics they would like to share, please send them on to me and I will post them on the website.
    No nudies please!!
  19. andyh

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    Bob - any more news on the DVD? It's been quite a while now...

  20. Bob Thompson

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    Big Blow

    Hi ANdy,
    As far as I know the DVD is in manufacture stage, which means it is almost complete! It has been some time now, but this is beyond my control. I have grown 5 beards and shaved them all off waiting to see it, especially as I ended up in hospital and missed most of the weekend, so I want to see it too.
    I do apologise on behalf of the peeps who are managing this side of the project and hope everyone waiting for their copy understands, good things are worth waiting for. But not forever!!