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    A spectacular event is being planned to create the largest brass band ever to perform in public. In addition to the satisfaction of achieving the record it is also heart-warming to know that all proceeds from the event are being contributed to the Brass Band Aid charity fund.
    The brainchild of Jon Handley of R & J Handley Uniforms, this exciting venture promises to be a great family, fun event. “The Big Blow” will take place on Saturday 20 January 2007 as part of the Mineworkers Brass Band Festival weekend held at the Butlins Resort in Skegness.
    “The resort facilities and the ever increasing popularity of this weekend contest made it the perfect venue to host this exciting record attempt. We’re looking forward to welcoming all the bandspeople already attending the contest, but are also proposing arrangements for day visitors to be part of this momentous event.” commented Jon Handley.
    It is hoped that a final total of approximately 2,000 players will take part to secure the record for years to come. However, the organisers are determined that the key focus of this event is the fund-raising they are hoping to achieve to support the worthy charity work of Brass Band Aid.
    “This innovative idea is a welcomed addition to the schedule of the brass band competition weekend in Skegness. It brings a whole new dynamic to the proceedings and Butlins are fully committed to doing everything we can to make it the success it deserves to be” said Steve Walker of the Butlins Resort, Skegness.
    The Big Blow organisers are delighted with the support they have already secured from a number of companies, ensuring this event will be one to remember by everyone involved. Butlins are providing the venue with all the necessary staffing and The Music Company (UK) Ltd are donating a new musical work specially written by Andrew Duncan for Saturday’s performance. A collection of official merchandise for the event will be produced by R & J Handley and Tor Designs and Just Brass are donating a website at, to enable interested players to obtain all the information they need to be part of this significant occasion. There are also plans to produce a DVD of the whole event, providing a timeless account of the record attempt. The BIG BLOW band will be conducted by Frank Renton.
    Clair Tomalin of Just Brass and The Music Company commented: “Jon Handley’s vision for this project has been inspirational. I was delighted to be asked to assist in the setting up of the event, and I truly believe that with the combined experience and enthusiasm of the organising team this could be a landmark event for raising funds for the Brass Band Aid charity.”
    The third member of the team, Bob Thompson of Brass Band Aid, was pleased to announce that there are also plans afoot to launch The Big Blow in style, including a Gala Concert on the Friday evening with a performance from the Brass Band Aid Celebrity Band, conducted by Richard Evans. Just to wet your lips as to who some of the players are, the front row of cornets are, Roger Webster, Richard Marshall, Ian Porthouse, Russell Grey and Mark Wilkinson, in no particular order! The celebrity band will also be taking part in the BIG BLOW.
    This is definitely an event of a grand scale and one of which every brass bandsperson should feel compelled to be a part. By contributing to this fun moment of history, it is overwhelming how much could be achieved to help others. Registration forms and further information available at:

    Bob, Claire and Jon.
    Jon Handley: R & J Handley (in association with Tor Designs) 27-29 Barkston House Croydon Street Leeds LS11 9RT Tel: 01132 457008 Fax: 01132 457009 Email: Web:

    Clair Tomalin Just Select Ltd PO Box 5684 Dunmow Essex CM6 3TR Tel: 08700 111 556 Fax: 08700 111 557 Email:

    Bob Thompson Brass Band Aid
    tel. 07786 027209
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    Is the timetable available yet? .....and the music for the Big Blow?!! :eek:
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    Mine arrived a few minutes ago as a pdf........
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    Ours just came!!:woo
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    Big Blow

    the Big Blow starts at approx 4.00pm, it is intended to start after all the sections, apart from the championship section, have finished. You can register on Friday or Saturday so make sure you do!
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    What is the piece we're playing? Is it one that may be in bands' libraries, or has it been specially written?
    Cheers! :)
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    Specially written - you get a PDF when you register by email.

    Very exciting!

    How many people will it take to break the record? I can't quite imagine it all.

    I'm so excited!
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    I've registered through band, so probably won't get anything until the day. Will it make for good sight-reading practice?!
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    Are players doing the Big Blow in uniform?
  10. andyh

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    I wondered that too. If there are going to be any publicity photos taken it would certainly make for a more colourful spectacle :)

    I'm up for it, if that's what the organisers would like...

  11. andyh

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    Don't keep us in suspense! Is it a march? Suitable for all abilities? Do I need to avoid the bar beforehand in case I can't sight-read after a glass or two of post-contest 'restorative' ? :)
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    It is a march - quote from accompanying email -
    "March - The Big Blow is an upbeat, positive-feel concert march with an African flavour to complement the sentiment of the fund-raising efforts for Brass Band Aid associated with this event. Complete band sets of the post-event published music (which will include an information panel confirming details and statistics of the world record attempt) will also be available to order at the event, with a donation for every set sold being given to Brass Band Aid."

    Doesn't look too bad, sure you will cope after a medicinal visit to the bar! - but bear in mind we are taking youngsters with only one chance to go through it! :eek: Haven't seen the rep part tho'. One thing that did surprise me was that the top cornet part is marked for 1 & 2 players in parts - in a band of 2000+!! I guess it must for when normal sized bands play it afterwards but it did make me chuckle!!
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    Anyone know if we need lyres/straps or music stands/chairs? only I've not got a lyre/strap yet. :-?
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    Did yours seem to cut off halfway through the Trio? Mine only had 6 bars after letter G in the Flug part where there is a tied note in this bar which ties to nothing, and only 3 bars after G in the BBb bass part. Or does the band slowly drop off into confusion? Anyone else had this problem?
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    The piece was commisioned for the BIG Blow event and surprose surprse, guess what its called, yes you guessed it, the BIg Blow. Andy Duncan has written it and whilst I havent seen it yet, I am told it looks like a fun piece. No doubt Frank Renton will top and tail it before you start the record attempt.

    Dont forget, if you havent already registered, you can do so on Friday and Saturday, dont miss out on this historic moment and get yourselves in the record books.
    Enjoy and see you all down there,
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    Hi Bob - I've moved the above posts from the Butlins Contest thread so that the contest can be discussed appropriately in the Adjudicator's Comments forum, and also to help you and the participants identify the posts directly concerning the Big Blow much easier.

    All the best for the weekend.
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    Well, I think I'll take a lyre - just in case. Chairs are one thing but getting 1000 stands together (and thats if we share) sounds like a huge headache for the organisers!

  18. Bob Thompson

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    A couple of useful points raised,
    re lyres, if any one has them bring them down it would be useful and reduce the clutter of stands!
    Re uniforms, I think its an excellent idea if uniforms are worn, but not a requirement, the more colourful the event the better. We have arranged for the event to be covered via photograhpers and the wekends events including the Big Blow are to be captured on DVD which we hope to make available not to long after the event, so keep your eye out for the camera persons!
    I cant wait for Franks Renton to give the closing beat!........

    Many thanks for all your support peeps,
    Bob with mental indegestion and anxiety levels through the roof!
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    wow so were all going to be famous!?
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    Sorted, must have been a problem with the pdf. I'm getting quite excited about this event... :clap: