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    Sponsor a Child and Make a Difference with The Big Blow and Brass Band Aid

    Since its launch in May, plans to achieve the official record for the largest brass band in the world, whilst raising much needed funds for charity, are now well under way. The Big Blow event is being formally recognised by Guinness World Records and will take place on Saturday 20 January 2007 at Butlins Resort, Skegness and is open to every brass band instrumentalist who can make their way to the venue.

    With only 2,007 spaces available for the record attempt and over 4,500 bandspeople likely to be at the resort on the day, it’s critical that you secure your place as soon as possible. Online registration and a great range of official event merchandise is now available at

    A member of the organising team Clair Tomalin of Just Brass (suppliers of the event information Website) and The Music Company (providers of the official performance music) commented “After having read Ron Massey’s nostalgic account of his part in the 1937 gathering of bandsmen in celebration of the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (British Bandsman, Issue 5407), we are so delighted to offer bandspeople of this generation the opportunity of a similar experience. We really hope The Big Blow will last in their memory in the same way that 1937 has with Mr Massey. When considering that the record will be officially recognised by Guinness World Records and the event itself could be directly responsible for changing the lives of so many people, The Big Blow looks set to become a another momentous event in brass banding history.

    In addition to making a mark in the history books, The Big Blow is also driving to raise substantial funds in support of the inspirational work of Brass Band Aid. [FONT=Arial (W1)]An additional direction for this charity is to promote World Vision’s Sponsor A Child initiative for children in Adet, Ethiopia, where their current school project is located. Brass Band Aid already sponsor two children in the region, a boy and a girl who will attend the school and additional support, prompted by Brass Band Aid, has already been pledged from individuals and Brass Band organisations in the USA and Australia.[/FONT]

    By encouraging bands and individuals to come forward and assist the development of specific children and their communities through annual sponsorship, a huge difference can be made almost immediately to so many lives. Further information of how to get involved directly is available at Brass Band Aid’s own website (

    In parallel and support of this new project promotion, The Big Blow event is now focussing its primary fund-raising efforts in attempting to generate enough money to sponsor two children for a minimum of 5 years each. If successful, the longevity of this support could transform the lives of the two children and dramatically assist their families and communities through the additional funding.

    The organisers of The Big Blow have just been told that Tazebew, a little 7 year old boy and Bitew, a little 8 year old girl are the two children highlighted to receive the support that The Big Blow hopes to achieve. “To have names, pictures and background information about these children makes our enthusiasm to reach our targets even greater. They are real children with real needs, and to think that The Big Blow could help make their lives and those of their families and communities so much better is a huge inspiration to make the event as big a success as possible” said the originator of The Big Blow, Jon Handley of R & J Handley and Tor Designs (suppliers of the official event merchandise).

    Co-organiser of the event, Bob Thompson of Brass Band Aid commented, “I’m delighted that the fund-raising efforts of The Big Blow event are spearheading the ‘Sponsor A Child’ initiative. I’m hoping it will help lead the way for other organisations and individuals to offer similar financial commitment and assist the many communities that need this level of support.

    The Big Blow can make history and help make poverty history
    Visit and find out how YOU can make the difference.

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